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J&J Machinery troubleshoots speed issue with nailer and gets pallet production back up to speed.

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2013

Problem: A pallet nailer was not functioning properlybecause a nail gun was often missing boards. This required the pallet to beremoved from the machine and manually repaired, which significant slowed production.


Solution: J&J Machinery changed the conveyor speed tofeed the stringers at a slower rate and keep them lined up properly with thenail guns.


 SouthernMilling & Lumber Co., a lumber wholesaler and remanufacturer thatspecializes in wooden pallets in Lakeland, Fla., was having a recurring problemwith its pallet nailer.

 “As themachine was running there were certain positions on the machine where theboards were not getting in place properly and the guns were nailing in front ofthe boards,” said Tom Galbraith, lead mechanic. “It stopped us dead in ourtracks because we had to pull the pallet off the machine, repair it, then putit back in the machine to go out to the stacker and be stacked properly. Itreally takes a lot of time to do that when you’re used to building a palletevery 10 seconds.”

 Theproblem occurred off and on repeatedly, sometimes up to several times in ashift, causing a lot of lost time for the company.

 “Thatmachine is the heart and soul of our pallet building,” said Galbraith. “When itacts up it really puts a damper on what we can put out. We would get itcorrected and it would run for a couple hours then start acting up again. Itwould just show up like a ghost and haunt us.”

 Thecompany contacted J&J Machinery from Pensacola, Fla for assistance becauseit had previously upgraded the nailer with its Hot Rod Pallet System. JeffPurnell, owner of J&J, started troubleshooting the problem long distance.

 “Iasked a series of questions based on what Tom had told me,” said Purnell.

 To ruleout some potential problems, Purnell had Galbraith test parts from anothermachine on the one that was having problems. By testing parts that the companyalready had on-site, Purnell avoided making his customer buy expensivereplacement parts before determining whether or not they were really needed.

 “Thisreally only helped some,” said Purnell. “It was just not quite the answer. ThenI thought, ‘Go back to the basics.’” He had Galbraith check the conveyor speedand found that the speed had been settoo fast.

 “It wasat 22 inches per second which is six inches per second too fast for thissystem,” said Purnell.

 Withthe conveyor speed corrected, the production at Southern Milling & Lumberis back up to full speed. Like other times the company had issues with thenailer, Purnell helped find and resolve the issue quickly, according toGalbraith.

 “Heknows that machine in and out,” Galbraith said. “If there’s any problems withit he knows it straight out. And that really puts us back in the market forwhat we do here.”

 Andlike the other times, Galbraith said he was left feeling happy with the resultand the help Purnell provided.

 “Hegoes the extra mile for you,” he said. “Any time you have a problem he bendsover backwards to help you.”

 J&JMachinery specializes in aftermarket parts and rebuilds of pallet nailingmachinery. Its Hot Rod Pallet Nailer is an aftermarket nailer addition thatoffers 100 different pallet configurations. This has become a popularalternative to buying new pallet equipment.

For more information on J&JMachinery, its services or machines, call 850/712-4975 or visithttp://www.jandjmachinery.com.

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