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Supplier Spotlight: Vecoplan Midwest Designs and Manufactures Customizable Pellet Mill Systems
Vecoplan Midwest supplies complete pellet systems along with planning and maintenance expertise.

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2013

Vecoplan Midwest offers a full range of services to companiesinterested in turning wood waste into a new revenue stream. From determining ifa pellet system is a good fit for an operation, to designing, building andinstalling a complete system and through providing maintenance and on-siterepairs, Vecoplan Midwest’s staff walks customers through the entire process.


 “Wetell them their wood needs to be dry and ask them about their markets,” saidRon King, vice president of sales. “We tell them to do their homework, findtheir market and what their material is going to be at a wholesale price tomake sure that their numbers are going to work.”

 Locatedin New Albany, Ind., Vecoplan Midwest is a subsidiary of Vecoplan LLC in HighPoint, N.C. that was formed in 2006 to service Vecoplan’s customers throughoutthe Midwest. The pellet systems from Vecoplan Midwest are customizable and caninclude everything from processing the raw material to packaging the finishedpellets and can be used for pelletizing wood, woody biomass, agriculturalproducts, paper, plastics, municipal solid waste or virtually any solidalternative fuel requiring increased bulk densities. Equipment in a typical line includes sizereduction, conveyance, metering, pelletizing, cooling, screening and packaging.

 A woodpellet business can be a profitable addition to a pallet company for multiplereasons. One of which is the ability to control the feedstock through usingscrap pallets and lumber, King said.

 “Youhave to be able to control your infeed material,” said King. “You don’t want tobuild on the assumption that you can buy material at a later date and then havethe supplier raise the price. But most pallet operations can control that.”

 Forpallet companies that are already producing mulch from scrap pallets or otherwood waste, a wood pellet line could be a successful complimentary business,according to King. Like mulch, it is a mostly seasonal business, but in theopposite season as mulch.

 Forpallet companies that are not already grinding their pallets, Vecoplan Midwestcan provide a primary grinder in addition to the pellet system. VecoplanMidwest’s primary grinders are low speed grinders that have different magnetand nail removal options, enabling them to accept whole pallets and preparethem for the hammermill which produces pieces that are roughly one-quarter inchin size and ready to go into the pellet mill, which is the heart of everyVecoplan Midwest pellet system. The pellet mills are belt-driven, rather thangear-driven like many other mills in the industry, making for more economicalreplacement parts.

 “Thebelts are more economical to replace than a gear box,” said King.

 Thecontrols on each system are customizable and designed and manufactured tomaximize ease of use and optimize system performance. Production rates rangefrom 1,000 lbs. to over 8,000 lbs. per hour, depending on the material beingpelletized and the size of equipment specified.

 Formore information about Vecoplan Midwest’s pellet mill systems, call812/923-4992 or visit


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