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Canadian Association Leadership Changes
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By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2013

 At itsrecent annual meeting the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association(CWPCA) selected a new interim general manager, a new slate of officers, andfour new directors.

 The newofficers of the association are Herman Long, president, Ryan Scobie, vicepresident, Blair McEwen, past president, and Scott Geffros, treasurer. Four newdirectors were elected to the board. They include Jason Wheeler, Tom Duguay,Ken Barrell and Steve McConkey. A complete list of the board of directors forthe 2013-2015 term will be posted on the CWPCA website.

 BrianIsard is replacing Bill Eggertson on a part-time basis as the general manageruntil a new executive is hired. Isard started attending CWPCA meetings back in1980 when he was a lumber broker and has enjoyed working with associationmembers ever since. Isard has enjoyed a career working with the wooden pallet industryin Canada.

 Hesaid, “I learned everything I known about the wood packaging industry (how tosource lumber and to build pallets) from CWPCA members like Bill Tomlinson atThomco Pallets, Jean-Claude Savoie and Roland Dufour at Groupe Savoie, RajinderBar at Advance Pallet and Crate, and Steve Harms and Doug Hunter at PacificPallet. He learned about fasteners from Luc Nadeau.

 Asgeneral manager, Isard has a three-fold purpose: 1.) To strengthen the CWPCA’smember services effort; 2.) To further develop the association’s sustainabilityinitiative, and 3.) To ensure a high standard of service as the lead serviceprovider for the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program.

 Isardcommented that the association had a strong turnout for its Annual GeneralMeeting with 60 or more attendees. He singled out two people who spoke ontopics that are vital to our industry’s well-being.

 MarcMichielsen and Rob van Hoesel of FEFPEB addressed “Insights on the Europeanwooden packaging and pallet industry: The Challenges – Threats andOpportunities.” This was an overview of FEFPEB’s organization and structure,some volumetrics and the challenges which our wooden packaging materialsindustry faces today.

 BrentMcClendon, the new president of NWPCA, discussed the association’s priorities,the ISPM-15 U.S./Canada exemption, cross-border impact of the U.S. Food SafetyModernization regulation for wooden crates and pallets, and updated changescoming for the Pallet Design System.

 TheCWPCA is looking forward to the future of its organization and the direction of the pallet industry in Canada.

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