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PRS Introduces Two New Pallet Repair Tables – the Econo and Ergo
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By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2013

 PalletRepair Systems (PRS), Inc. has introduced two new pallet repair tables – theEcono and the Ergo.

 TheEcono is a basic yet heavy-duty steel table that provides a fixed, solidsurface for repairing pallets. Its table top is constructed of 3/8” thick platesteel that measures 48”x54”. A solid pallet hold-down bracket is welded ontoone side to provide a 4.5” lip to hold a pallet while the operator pries boardsoff the used pallet core. The hold-down bracket is welded onto the 48” longside of the table; this provides a clear 48”x49” of table top to work from. Theecono table has 3”x3” tube steel legs and lag style feet. Small brackets arewelded 12” from the floor to provide a “do-it-yourself” shelf.

 PRSErgo Tables provide the ultimate PRS answer in ergonomics for pallet repair.The table is the RS-5460 model (station plater ready). A pallet slide/back stophas an overhead mounting rack bolted on to it along one side. This back stopprovides an added measure of safety to the table when multiple repair stationsare in use. Operators are protected from ricocheting nails and other debris.The sheet steel of the back stop also provides an angle slide on which palletscan slide down when they are flipped over to slow and control their speed. Theoverhead rack provides an ability to add peripheral ergonomic equipment such asPRS’s optional tool balancer, trolley, and track system. Other equipment, suchas lights, air or electrical lines, or additional tools can also be mounted onthe overhead rack.

 Thepictured Ergo table shows the optional tool balancer, trolley and track systemas well as a handy steel shelf.

 Formore information about these two PRS repair tables and any other PRS machines,please contact the company by calling 217/291-0009.

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