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Pallet manufacturer has smoother board production line thanks to custom top and side board sizer built by Pendu.

By Staff
Date Posted: 7/1/2013

Problem: A total pallet management company was buying boards that were oversized in both width and thickness. It needed to trim them on both the side and top to be processed into pallet stock.

Solution: Pendu Manufacturing, Inc. designed a custom two-head board sizer that cuts both the side and top of oversized boards.


                Remmey “The Pallet Company”, a total pallet management company, wanted a more efficient way of sizing over-sized boards on its board production line at its plant in Lehighton, Penn.

                Pendu Manufacturing, a manufacturer of woodworking machinery headquartered in New Holland, Penn., had already designed several other custom machines for the company. So when Don Remmey, owner and president, contacted Pendu he already knew it would be able to fulfill his needs.

                “I thought Pendu’s engineering department was probably the most capable of building a machine according to what I wanted done,” said Remmey.

                Pendu’s in-house engineers and computer integrator consulted with the company on the design and built a machine from scratch that fulfilled the company’s needs while fitting into the existing production line footprint. The resulting board sizer cuts both the top and sides of boards on the board production line, helping to increase efficiency and produce clean pallet stock.

                “It produces a nicer piece of lumber and it does it very quickly,” said Remmey.

                One of the unique aspects of the machine is that it senses the amperage draw of the motor, so when a board comes in that is substantially over-sized in width, height or both, the machine automatically slows down.

                “It doesn’t matter what size board they are running in there, the machine will actually optimize itself for the best feed speed,” said Denny Goshert, sales representative for Pendu. “So if it senses that a board is way over-sized the amperage will spike, and the machine will automatically adjust so that it doesn’t jam the machine.”

                Because the machine was built for an existing facility, Pendu customized it to fit within an existing footprint on the line. The board sizer is fed from a multi-head trim saw and feeds into a vertical band saw, which required Pendu to find a way to turn the boards from a horizontal position to a vertical one. To make the sizer fit into its place on the line, Pendu made a special waterfall infeed system that transfers the boards from a horizontal position as they come out of the trim saw to a vertical position going into the sizer and on into the existing vertical band saw.

                “Because of the way our cutting line was, we couldn’t do it horizontally; we had to do it vertically,” said Remmey. “So they designed a sizer that would take a board vertically rather than horizontally.”

                Working with Pendu has been a good experience for the pallet company, according to Remmey, and Pendu has provided prompt service and quick responses to any need for troubleshooting on their machines.

                “Pendu is very professional,” said Remmey. “We have found them to be very, very responsive to our needs.”

For more information on the Pendu top and side board sizer or Pendu’s other capabilities, call 800/233-0471 or visit http://www.pendu.com.

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