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Supplier Spotlight: Profile Technology Helps Customers Maximize Machine Performance
Cutting tool manufacturer Profile Technology offers custom-engineered cutter heads, saw blades and technical assistance.

By Staff
Date Posted: 7/1/2013

Profile Technology offers cutting tools produced specific to customers’ individual application needs, custom-engineered cutter heads, saw blades and technical design and assistance. In addition, the company headquartered in St. Louis is also a source of knowledge on how to maximize saw blade performance and reduce operating costs.


                With the third generation now working in the family tooling business, Profile Technology has created a reputation as a supplier that understands its customers and helps find solutions to problems. Customers often call asking for assistance with improving saw blade performance, finding ways to minimize wear on machinery, or finding a good maintenance and repair balance. And with mechanical engineers on staff, Profile Technology is able to offer technical assistance backed by both experience and training.

                “As a result of our combined experience and knowledge, we can evaluate customers’ individual applications and in most cases provide an economical tooling solution based around the customer’s constraints or requirements for that project,” said John Lieber, president of Profile Technology.

                The company has been supplying cutting tools to the pallet industry for over 35 years. It began offering its Nailbuster® series indexable tooling and saw blades 20 years ago when the pallet recycling industry was still in its infancy, helping customers maximize their specific cutting applications when dealing with wood and nails. Since then, Profile Technology has been doing research and development on how cutting tools are used in the industry and designing products that can meet the needs of both new pallet manufacturers and pallet recyclers. Its products include indexable or brazed style cutter heads, strobe and trim saws along with indexable inserts as well as sharpening and restoration services for all its products.

                Tips to maximize machine and saw blade performance are just one of the ways the Profile Technology staff can help pallet companies improve their operations. Profile Technology recommends that pallet recyclers train operators of single blade trim saws to ease into cuts instead of plunging in at high speeds. This allows the cutting teeth to engage the nails while minimizing over feed into the wood, which can prematurely wear and crack saw tips or crack the saw plate. Establishing a routine maintenance schedule is another way that Profile Technology suggests companies keep maintenance costs low on saw blades.

                “Overusing your saw blade may keep the blade on the machine a little longer but as the tips dull they generate more heat which is transferred to the saw plate. The saw plate (like any metal body) has a limit regarding how much heat it can hold before it begins to deform, warp and crack – resulting in a potentially unsafe situation,” said Lieber.

                Since its inception, the company has been improving and expanding its ability to communicate with customers with options such as 3D modeling available for custom projects. This helps it assist customers that are interested in increasing efficiency or expanding output on their machines.

                “If you want to improve or increase output, we can provide guidance and support on details to achieve your goals,” Lieber said.

                For more information on Profile Technology, its custom-engineered cutter heads, saw blades or service program, call 314/965-9111 or 800/369-4242. Or visit the company’s website at http://www.profiletech.com.

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