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Koppers Plans Open House in Muncy, Penn.

By Staff
Date Posted: 7/1/2013

                Koppers, the largest crosstie treater in the United States, is planning an open house for sawmills in Muncy, Penn. on July 26-27. This open house will follow on the heels of a similar open house a few years ago. Gerry Roskovensky of Koppers is expecting a large turnout of 500-1000 sawmillers. Each day the open house will begin with a breakfast meeting covering small business tips and productivity improvement by employees. Former NFL quarterback Fran Tarkenton will be the keynote speaker. Also, Judd Johnson with HMR market reporting service will be a guest speaker.

                An auction will be held with proceeds going to Log a Load for Kids®, which supports Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. There is an open invitation to bring lumber, logs, equipment, services, mulch, etc. to make this a success for the children.

                Vendors will discuss their companies and products before at least four group meetings. To register or for more information, contact roskovenskyga@koppers.com or call 570/568-0945.

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