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Letter to the Editor
Readers comment on Pallet Enterprise President Ed Bindley''s columns.

By Staff
Date Posted: 7/1/2013

Hello Dr. Brindley,

                I want to take a brief minute to drop you a line to say “Well Said” and “Amen” with respect to your message (June PE Letter from Ed). I am a technical buyer for my company, and for many years purchased our wooden pallets and started receiving my treasured (lol) Pallet Enterprise magazine. I always look forward to receiving it, and specifically I love to read your “Letter from Ed” section!

                This one really hit home for me, and I even tore it out, scanned it, and shared it with my team, because, quite frankly, it is right on the money when it comes to work in general, not solely for entrepreneurs.

                Even my 27 year old son, just now starting his own business was on copy! So, again, thank you for the timely message and keep up the fantastic writing!!


Ellen Welsh, Purchasing agent

Michelin, NA Inc.


Dear Ed (sent from iPad)

                Thanks for your letter in the June issue.

Charlie Duffrin

Forte Industries,

Stephenson, Michigan


(Responding to Ed’s April letter on “Media detox and Leading in a Time of Uncertainty”)

Dear Pallet Enterprise:

                WOW! Thank you, Thank you, and mostly Thank and Praise God for your message in the Pallet Enterprise.

                It has made me realize that I’m not alone and not in control. But God Has Been, Is, and Will Be!

                Would it be OK if I run copies to share with other people? (Naturally I gave him permission to share my thoughts with others.)

                This Good News needs to be shared because He Is!

—I am,

Harald Norslien

Norske Wood Works II

Black Earth, Wis.


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