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Supplier Spotlight: ISK Biocides Backs up Products with Strong Customer Service
ISK Biocides provides unbeatable customer service along with its mold prevention products.

By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2013

ISK Biocides, Inc. specializes in a wide range of wood protection products, such as sapstain control on newly cut timbers and lumber and preservative coatings for log homes. For over 20 years, it has also been selling mold prevention products to the wooden pallet industry. But its customer service is what really sets ISK Biocides apart.


                “I’ll put my products’ performance up against any, but customer service is where we really shine,” said Lance Johnson, sales representative.

                Unlike some salesmen who do all their work by phone, Johnson and the other sales staff at the company headquartered in Memphis, Tenn. spend most of their time traveling and visiting customer facilities.

                “When someone buys from us, they see us,” said Johnson. “They don’t call us, get the stuff shipped in and never see us.”

                The sales representatives visit every customer on a regular basis, multiple times per year. During these visits they will test the concentration levels of the mold treatment chemicals as well as make recommendations beyond ISK’s products on ways to create conditions in the warehouses or yards that are less conducive to mold growth.

                “We work to give recommendations we can make on ways they can help with mold issues, such as increased air flow,” said Johnson. “We try to get them to think more like a grade lumber drying operation where they are focused on air flow and creating conditions on their yards that will help to prevent the mold. We deal with those types of companies too, so we all know a lot about drying lumber and setting up conditions on an air-dry yard, which is very applicable to pallet companies as well.”

                Johnson often goes on sales calls with his customers, helping to educate their customers on how to treat pallets to prevent mold growth or explain the benefits of buying mold treated pallets.

                “I’ve spent a fair amount of time with my customers helping to educate their customers,” said Johnson. “I’m a salesman, but I don’t spend very much time selling,” said Johnson. “I take care of my customers, and they do the selling for me.”

                In addition to their regular sales staff, in areas where ISK’s sales representatives have a large number of customers, the company also hires college interns that are studying wood science or forestry. During the summer, an intern visits each customer every three weeks, in addition to the sales representatives’ regular visit schedule. They check the concentration in dipping tanks and make sure that there aren’t any other problems.

                ISK Biocides has two fungicide products that it recommends for mold prevention on pallets - PQ-80 and NeXgen. Both can be applied by dipping or spraying assembled pallets or components prior to assembly. PQ-80 may also be applied by electrostatic deposition.

                Both PQ-80 and NeXgen are registered pesticides approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use on pallets and lumber. Both have gone through re-registration review and are current by EPA standards. For more information on the registration status of these products, contact Gail Watson, ISK’s manager of regulatory, at 800/248-7961.

                For more information on ISK Biocides, its products and services, call customer service at 800/238-2523.


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