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Vecoplan VAZ 1600 NewGen Shredder

By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2013

                The  VAZ 1600, one of Vecoplan’s new generation of shredders, incorporates a wide range of innovations that improve performance, increase durability and decrease maintenance time. These features and options include: direct drives, double sidewalls, reversible counter knives, hydraulic swing-up screen carriages, rotatable screens and externally adjustable counter knives.

                Direct drives increase torque, eliminate drive belts, lower maintenance costs and decrease machine base widths. Double sidewalls reduce wear, eliminate contamination of and heat transfer to bearings, increase durability, and lower maintenance costs.

                Reversible counter knives deliver twice the life while cutting replacement costs in half. Hydraulic swing-up screen carriages provide quick and easy access to the rotor for cutter replacements. It also allows ample access to the cutting chamber for easy cleanout, tramp metal removal and other routine maintenance. Rotatable screens can be turned 180o increasing wear life by a factor of one and a half times. Externally adjustable counter knives allow you to maintain optimal cutting tolerances quickly and easily. This is especially beneficial when shredding thin materials.

                For more information contact Vecoplan at 336/861-6070, email info@vecoplanllc.com or visit www.vecoplanllc.com.


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