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Interpal VIII, 64th FEFPEB Congress Set for October 2013

By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2013

                After 12 years the global wooden pallet and packaging industry assembles again in Bordeaux, France for Interpal VIII, the world timber pallet and packaging congress. The theme will be “Creating worldwide objectives for the wooden pallet and packaging industry.”

                Pallet industry leaders from around the world will gather at Interpal from October 16-18, 2013. Attendees will explore the following topics: the impact of the global recession and how to cope, developing a common approach to ISPM 15 matters, worldwide timber trends (availability and impact of biomass),  a snapshot of the EU pallet and packaging industry, public image of the wood and wooden packaging, and EU timber regulation on illegal logging and how it affects the industry. Reports from various industry alliances and associations will be given as well. 

                SYPAL, Interpal’s French partner, is hosting the event.

                The program also includes regional tour and social functions. Bordeaux is known as the world’s wine capital. It boasts great architecture, history and wine tasting opportunities.

                The speakers for the business session on October 18 will include a number of experts. Estelle Pelzer will give an EU snapshot of the pallet and packaging industry. Roman Vagner will speak on the latest developments in the field of ISPM 15, and Brent McClendon of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association will give an update on the pallet and packaging industry in the United States.

                For more information visit Interpal’s website at http://www.fefpeb.org/congress-2013,  which has details on registering for the event, hotel booking, sponsorship packages and more.

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