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West Salem Develops Waterfall Disc Screen

By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2013

                West Salem Machinery (WSM) is announing the development of a new screening design – the WSM Waterfall™ Disc Screen. This machine delivers high capacity “fines” screening, and improves screening efficiency due to increased material agitation.

                WSM’s Waterfall Disc Screen’s unique design utilizes multiple roll screening decks that agitate and tumble the mat of material being screened as it falls from level to level. This tumbling movement is similar to a waterfall in that the mat is blended as it falls and fine particles that were in the upper portion now have a chance to be screened on the lower deck. As a result, you achieve high volume screening capacity and effective product separation in a small package size.

                To make this possible the WSM Waterfall™ Disc Screen utilizes a tight spacing between discs, allowing a variety of fiber materials (bark, chips, sawdust, shavings, hogged wood, compost) to be sorted by size (thickness and length). Fine particles pass between the discs, while over-size pieces are retained above. Recent applications include panel and pellet fiber preparation by screening green sawdust and shavings before drying; high capacity ag-residual screening for removal of dirt and fines; and high volume chip screening for fines removal in a pulp woodyard. These versatile screens are available in multiple sizes, with screen widths from 48" to 84" and lengths to 20 ft.

                The WSM Waterfall Disc Screen joins the West Salem family of fiber preparation machinery, including the full complement of screens and grinders to suit any application. Please contact a specialist at 503/364-2213, or visit www.westsalem.com where photos and descriptions of all equipment are available.

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