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HUB Industrial helped a pallet manufacturer contain costs while still keeping an adequate inventory of consumable supplies

By Staff
Date Posted: 11/1/2013

Problem: A pallet manufacturer and recycler needed a way to manage consumable supplies so they could contain their costs and never get caught with inadequate inventory.


Solution: HUB Industrial Supply developed a “Pallet Program” that anticipates the needs of pallet companies and helps keep costs and inventory under control.


                Valley Pallet, which has six locations in California and Arizona, had been doing business with HUB Industrial Supply for a few years. But when another supply company proposed to bring in a vending machine to improve inventory management, it was intriguing enough for Valley to give it a trial.

                The benefits of having a vending machine hooked up to the Internet that could track the consumption of every glove and safety glass seemed like a great idea. The supplier would know when to send out refills and the plant management could view a report to know exactly which workers were the highest consumers of personal protective equipment (PPE) so they could work with them to limit waste.

                Valley decided to install a vending machine at their Salinas, Calif. plant for a 90-day trial which, if successful, would be rolled out to all its other facilities. What the company discovered was that the vending concept works a lot better on paper than it does in practice.

                “It really hasn’t panned out,” said production manager Rick Trevino. “We were supposed to be able to track individual items as they were used, but the machine vends most items by the box rather than individually.”

                Valley Pallet turned back to HUB for its supply needs as this and other disappointments with the vending system have made HUB Industrial Supply look pretty awesome in comparison, according to Trevino.

                “It’s great to have a supplier as responsive to our needs as HUB is,” he said. “We know we can get what we need from them, and the range of supplies they have is much more comprehensive than what can fit in a vending machine.”

                HUB Industrial Supply, based in Lake City, Fla., is a provider of consumable products commonly used in industrial sectors, such as the pallet industry. HUB’s Pallet Program includes a 56-page catalog specifically compiled for pallet manufacturers and recyclers with program pricing on all items. Included in the catalog are exclusive products such as HUB’s Pallet Mask, which is a special gold paint used to cover up old marks on white-wood pallets. Also, HUB offers a wide variety of saw blades that are only available from HUB.

                Today, HUB is Valley Pallet’s supplier of hard hats, vests with custom logos, strapping, paint, blades and PPE.

                “We’ve had other suppliers, but none have given us the value and service that we get from HUB,” Trevino said.

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