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Supplier Spotlight: Universal Machinery Sales Offers Industry Knowledge and Variety of Machinery
Mona Tracy, owner of Universal Machinery Sales, provides the pallet industry with machines for every application and extensive experience and knowledge.

By Staff
Date Posted: 1/1/2014

Universal Machinery Sales provides a wide assortment of machinery to the pallet repair, pallet manufacturing and wood recycling industries. The variety of machinery along with the extensive experience and industry knowledge brought by owner Mona Tracy makes Universal Machinery Sales a significant resource for many pallet companies.

                Mona believes in providing the best machine for each customer. Because she knows that no single machine or system is perfect for everyone, Universal Machinery Sales will customize the set-up to suit individual needs. With follow-up considered as important as the original sale, Universal’s offering of parts and service information is an invaluable service to its customers.

                “I listen to the customer’s story and needs,” said Mona. “I like to talk to others and visit to see the machines working. On-site and hands-on are good for the industry.”

                In addition to her own exclusive full line of machinery, Mona represents an assortment of quality machines produced by others highly regarded in the industry. From preparation of rough stock to automatic pallet nailing and stacking systems, Universal offers a selection of machinery for an individual operation or for the multiple stages of production in a complete pallet operation. Machines include disassemblers – both disc and band saw, sorters, stackers, trim saws, chop saws, notchers, chamfers, stake machines, grinders, branders, nailing jigs and nailing systems.

                For operations that rely on new lumber, Universal offers resaws with specifications ranging from single head without a return to multiple heads with returns. Gas, diesel, or electric power options are available. 

                “With my thirty years in the pallet industry, I offer experience, customer service, and my personal integrity to get the job done with the best machinery for my customers,” said Mona.

                A line of band saws and disc style disassemblers can reclaim the lumber at recycling operations and trim saws, block saws, notchers, and chamfers could be the next steps for either new or recycled lumber. Whether for stringer or block pallets, nailing stations and nail jigs from manual to fully automatic nailing systems are available to meet custom production requirements and specifications.  

                Universal also offers a number of other production accessories. Blowers, dust collection systems, grinders and pallet washers provide methods to comply with efficiency and environmental requirements. And round tables, conveyors, racks and tippers aid the material handling aspect of pallet production.

                In addition to new machinery, Universal offers used machinery for both buying and selling. To help keep shipping costs as low as possible, used machines are usually able to be shipped from the original site location. Through increasing use of the internet, more equipment is able to be viewed in operation on-site, thus reducing travel time and expense for both buyer and seller. Providing parts and service information for many older models of machines is another specialty area offered in addition to plant layouts and machinery appraisals.

                For current information and links to machines in operation, visit  www.universalmachinerysales.net.
Mona can be contacted by e-mail at sales.universalmachinerysales@gmail.com, or call 855-298-8890.

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