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Letter from Ed: End of an Era Beginning of Something New
Pallet Enterprise founder talks about the importance of fellowship with other Christians in the industry and ways that our staff can foster even more sharing and encouragement in the future.

By Edward C. Brindley, Jr.
Date Posted: 2/1/2014

                Having just finished up the most recent Western Pallet Association (WPA) meeting, I was proud to be there for the organization’s 40th anniversary. And I know the WPA is on strong footing for future growth. As I get older, I realize that I have outlasted lots of my friends in the industry who have retired, sold their businesses and in some cases passed away. Some traditions have gone on for a long time, and are starting to change as the industry adapts.

                One of the traditions that has been a real blessing is the Sunrise Church Service that a group of Christian business people have put on each year at the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) annual meeting. Due to a change in the schedule, the NWPCA intends to move away from holding its Annual Leadership Conference (ALC) on Sundays. As a result, this will be the last year that a Sunday Sunrise Service will be held at the ALC. We will be meeting at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 2. The speaker this year will be the publisher of the Pallet Enterprise, Chaille Brindley.

                In addition to being my son, Chaille is also a gifted Bible teacher who has a master’s degree in theological studies from Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Va. He plans to release at the meeting a new devotional book based on spiritual lessons involving wood, trees and forest products, titled Living between Two Trees. He will be talking about the theme of the book and will be handing out free digital downloads to those in attendance.

                In addition to a short message and singing a few classic hymns and worship songs, we will close out the service the way we usually do with a prayer circle. I would like to suggest that the industry needs prayer now more than ever. Even though many companies are reporting sales growth, this is the time when we must keep praying and holding onto our personal faith to stay grounded. Amidst the chasing of more business, we can lose sight of what is most important in life. I would welcome ideas to see how we could keep connecting Christians in the industry together at special gatherings, such as the ALC. I know that many people have been encouraged by our mutual gatherings. If you have ideas, please call or email me.

                One thing we are going to do is run a new column called Tree of Life. It will be a short devotional thought connected with a Scripture and possibly a tie-in to running our lives and businesses well for God. I welcome industry input to make this a successful new column in the magazine. It is important to never lose sight of what is important.

                I welcome your thoughts on a new gathering idea for industry Christians as well as the new column we plan to start in the March issue. Please email me at edb@ireporting.com or call 800-805-0263. May you have a blessed and joyous 2014.

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