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GBN Develops New “Reel Horse” Cable Reel Flange Nailer
New on the Market

By Staff
Date Posted: 2/1/2014

                GBN has recently installed a new addition to its family of better nailing systems, this time aimed at a market not in wood pallets, but in the clinch nailing of wooden cable reel flanges. According to Sandy Campbell of GBN, there has not been a machine made in the western hemisphere of this type of nailer in more than 50 years.

                Due to its expertise and engineering savvy, GBN was approached to design what is likely the widest nailer built in North America if not the world stated a company press release.

                The “Reel Horse” is a heavy duty clinching nailer specifically built to make nailing wooden cable reel flanges in a tight strong way. This machine is simple to: operate, change sizes, maintain and is reliable. Power Clinching is done in the proper “J” style making sure the nails are down and holding properly for better reels at a lower cost.

                The machine is solid state controlled and hydraulically powered for maximum control and speed. The nail feed system is the same that is used on the GBN pallet nailers including the “Tru Driver” Compensating Nail Chucks.

                The drive head rides on modern linear bearings, a GBN exclusive that gives a very rigid and accurate nail driving

platform with a minimum of maintenance. With nailed wooden cable reels growing again in popularity, why

not nail them the way demanded by buyers, with a real nailing machine and real nails.

                View a video online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7PCJQQZgMw or for more information call Sandy Campbell of GBN at 804-288-6693.

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