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Litco Launches Pink Pallet to Support Breast Cancer Awareness
New on the Market

By Staff
Date Posted: 2/1/2014

Hoping to solve two problems with one unique pallet, Litco Intl. of Vienna, Ohio has made available to the market a new high visibility, 48" x 40" pink plastic pallet that offers supply chain and logistics professionals a quick and cost effective way to visually identify pallets belonging to their pools. 

                Most plastic pallets on the market today are black or blue, which makes them all look alike and more vulnerable to theft. This new color scheme makes the Litco plastic pallet stand out.

                Also, Litco is tying the pallet to its efforts to fight breast cancer. Joseph Morella, Litco’s product specialist, said, “Each day, women throughout the world receive breast cancer diagnoses or lose their lives to this deadly, but curable disease. We sought an ongoing corporate initiative to promote breast cancer awareness and the pink pallet was the result of this effort.” 

                Litco International is committed to donating $2.00 from each pink pallet sale to The Breast Cancer Awareness Research Foundation.

                The pink pallet is a clever example of connecting pallet sales with a noble cause to enhance market acceptance of a new idea. For more information, visit http://www.litco.com/pallets/plastic-pallets.html.

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