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Problem Solvers: Nyle Systems Helps Barefoot Lumber Company in Florence, Miss. Heat Treat Pallets
Pallet manufacturer lowered production costs with in-house heat treater from Nyle Systems.

By Staff
Date Posted: 3/3/2014

Problem: A pallet and wood products manufacturing company unfamiliar with heat treating needed

a cost effective way to heat treat its products.

Solution: Nyle Systems installed a heat treater and trained the company how to use it.

                Barefoot Lumber Company in Florence, Miss. had been taking its pallets to another company for heat treating to comply with the ISPM-15 standard. But the costs from transportation and time required to do this were adding up, making installing its own heat treatment chamber a wise business decision.

                “The volume got to be so great that the expense was feasible to put one in,” said Johnny Jones, owner of Barefoot Lumber.

                Jones began looking for a heat treater that met certain specifications. Because the company is located in a rural area, any heat treater it installed needed to be run on propane, as there is no access to natural gas. Jones also wanted a kiln made out of stainless steel and aluminum to avoid rust over a long time period. With its aluminum frame and stainless steel panels the PHT 660 heat treater from Nyle Systems fit all these requirements perfectly. Once it was installed, Barefoot Lumber started to see savings that have only multiplied since then.

                “I’ve cut a lot of costs out of my products,” said Jones.

                The PHT 660 is a complete heat treat system that is 19 feet wide and 30 feet deep with a capacity of 660 pallets per cycle. According to Nyle Systems, the extra width dramatically improves airflow, shortening processing time and resulting in a faster, more economical cycle. It also has a wide loading door designed for easy access resulting in efficient loading and unloading for the chamber and minimal downtime. The unit comes standard with computer controls and an indirect fired gas heating system, but it can be fitted with hot water heat, steam heat, direct fired gas or electric heat.

                Nyle Systems, a manufacturer of lumber drying and other products, is based in Brewer, Maine. Beyond just installing the heat treater, Nyle Systems also sent a field rep to spend several days teaching Jones how to operate it.    

                “He showed me how to run it and stayed here with me,” said Jones.

                According to Jones, one of the best parts of working with Nyle Systems has been the follow-up service that the company has provided since the heat treater was installed. As a company new to doing its own heat treating, the support provided by Nyle has made all the difference to Barefoot Lumber. Any replacement parts he has needed have been delivered quickly. Effective training and support has allowed Barefoot Lumber to become adept at heat treating. Nyle always had someone available to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues, according to Jones.

                “They don’t make a sale and just forget about you,” said Jones. “I was new at it, green, and every time I called they were right there with me. Not only did they sell me something, they stood behind it, and they service it and if I need something they are there. If I put another one in today it would be theirs.”

                Barefoot Lumber is now a certified heat treater through Timber Products Inspection (TPI) and heat treats for other companies in addition to its own products. Adding the Nyle treater has created another revenue stream for the company.

                Nyle Systems has been offering lumber drying options for over 35 years. It supplies complete systems in addition to custom solutions that meet what the customer needs, no more, no less. Nyle helps customers pick and choose among just the right set of components that a customer needs. For more information on Nyle’s heat treaters, visit http://www.nyle.com/ or call 800-777-6953.

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