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EAB Quarantine Expanded to Cover Entire State of Iowa
Pallets are excluded from the Iowa quarantine as is other wooden packaging as long as there is no visible sign of infestation.

By Staff
Date Posted: 3/4/2014

                The emerald ash borer (EAB) makes its way westward as state officials in Iowa have quarantined the entire state after discovering the borer in the city of Waterloo. Authorities in Iowa have enacted a statewide quarantine prohibiting the movement of hardwood firewood, ash logs, wood chips and ash tree nursery stock outside of the state into non-quarantine areas. The ban also covers green (non-heat treated) ash lumber with either bark or the outer one-inch of wood, or both, attached. Pallets are excluded from the Iowa quarantine as is other wooden packaging as long as there is no visible sign of infestation.            

                Mike Kintner of the Iowa Department of Agriculture said, “The federal quarantine has not caught up with the state quarantine yet.” He added that the “Iowa state quarantine is rather vague on specifics when it comes to wooden packaging including pallets and dunnage.”

                The federal EAB quarantine guidelines do place restrictions on pallets. The federal quarantine states, “Solid wood packaging materials (WPM) containing regulated, green ash lumber must be heat treated or fumigated according to an approved process, such as ISPM-15 compliance. Recycled pallets are outside the scope of the regulations if they are wholly composed of recycled wood material. However, if regulated ash lumber is used during the repair or recycling process, this lumber must be treated or mitigated prior to incorporation into the recycled WPM or the entire recycled article must be treated prior to movement out of an EAB quarantined area.”     This is just another example of the difficulties that companies and individuals face when trying to understand the maze of federal and state regulations impacting the movement of lumber and wooden products covered by various pest quarantine rules.

                Twenty-five counties in Iowa were already quarantined for emerald ash borer according to the Iowa State University Extension Service. All of those counties were in the eastern part of the state. EAB infestations had previously been discovered in Allamakee County in May 2010, Des Moines County in July 2013, Jefferson County in August 2013, Cedar County in October 2013 and Union County in December 2013.

                The EAB has now been found as far west as Colorado. Much of Iowa’s forestland is densely populated with ash trees, and Iowa’s community street trees are heavily planted with ash.

                For more information on the state quarantine visit http://iowatreepests.com/eab_regulations.html or call (515) 725-1470. For information on the federal quarantine visit, http://is.gd/xSNT5C.


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