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Pallet Repair Systems designs custom integrated conveying system for pallet tear down operation.

By Staff
Date Posted: 4/1/2014

Problem: A pallet teardown operation wanted to minimize the costs from double and triple handling of pallet components once the pallet was disassembled.


Solution: Pallet Repair Systems (PRS) designed a high-volume integrated conveying system that separated and moved the various parts to the saws to be re-sized without any additional manpower.


                At its South Charleston, Ohio location, Buckeye Diamond Logistics formerly had to stack the decking from the saws, forklift move the stack across the plant, unstack the decking to be cut to size, and restack the new custom length decking. Meanwhile, any waste material or decking out of spec would have to be thrown into another bin before it was moved to the grinder.

                “The previous set up was horrifically inefficient,” said John McAdow, vice president of operations at Buckeye Diamond Logistics. “We would have to touch a board three or four times before it was ready for the assembly/repair line.”

                The company wanted to install an integrated conveyor system to minimize its cost of handling the decking, stringers and waste multiple times.

                “Touch it once and be done, so to speak,” said McAdow.

                Buckeye Diamond Logistics turned to PRS for help due to its superior engineering and design process, as well as its extensive experience with this type of application, according to McAdow.

                PRS designed and engineered an integrated conveying system for the facility that automatically delivers the pallet components to the trims saws or grinders once the pallet cores are disassembled, with no manual stacking or forklift required. The system is comprised of roller conveyors that bring stacks of pallets to four band dismantlers and specialized belt conveyors that convey various components and scrap in multiple directions and orientations to and from several processes. The processes include sorting, trimming and grinding. Another key to this design is PRS’ modular, stackable lumber racks that are used to store the processed lumber and transport it to other locations throughout the plant for repair and manufacturing operations. The design and engineering done by PRS also included customization to make the conveying system fit within the confines of the existing building and grinder locations.

                “The biggest benefit was that we were able to eliminate multiple forklifts from the operation, as well as maintain a high volume output with minimal employees,” said McAdow.

                PRS has helped Buckeye Diamond Logistics with other equipment and machinery needs beyond the conveying system and has become a trusted supplier to the company.

                “PRS has always been a top-notch vendor for us,” said McAdow. “No matter how big or small the project, we always get great support and service from PRS. They always stand behind their product and always deliver on their commitments.”

                For more information on PRS, its equipment or its design and engineering services, visit http://www.pallet-repair.com/ or call 866-546-8864.

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