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Coming into Focus: Software Enhancements Make PDS Even More Valuable to Customers
New software that interacts with the Pallet Design System makes this industry standard tool even more valuable for unit load specifications and fastener assessment.

By Staff
Date Posted: 4/1/2014

                The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) has announced the development of two new software products which integrate with the Pallet Design System™ (PDS). LoadSync ™ allows customers to define their pallet and unit load handling requirements, then save these requirements to a data file which can be opened in PDS. FastenerSync™ enables fastener suppliers to create documentation of all the fastener specifications defined in the Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets and required as input to PDS.

                LoadSync was designed to enhance the communication of pallet and unit load design information between wooden pallet manufacturers and their customers. It helps eliminate miscommunication between a pallet producer and a pallet user about the specification needed for each job.

                Pallet users can define their pallet and unit load handling requirements in LoadSync, and then save these to a data file. The pallet manufacturer can open the requirements in PDS and then design an efficient and cost-effective pallet which meets the requirements and will safely support and protect the customer’s product. Additionally, a viewer file can be made available to the customer which would allow customer to view the complete pallet specification, 2D and  3D drawings of the pallet and unit load, and the structural and durability analysis results. Pallet manufacturers that license PDS can use this software at no additional cost. Also, they can provide access for customers to download the client side of the application for free.

                FastenerSync dramatically improves the ability of users to provide professional documentation of fastener specifications and performance estimates. This software can also be used to create fastener specification data files directly readable by PDS – allowing fastener suppliers to easily provide specifications for their fasteners to customers that use PDS.

                FastenerSync computes the characteristics required to compare to minimum fastener requirements in the Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets. Finally, FastenerSync can be used to perform calculations of fastener withdrawal resistance and lateral resistance in a pallet connection. This software is available, for an annual license fee, to non-members (NWPCA members have access for free).

                For more information, contact the NWPCA at 703-519-6104 or visit its website at www.palletcentral.com.


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