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Emory Lucy Passes Away After Serving Pallet Customers Throughout His Career
Pallet People

By Staff
Date Posted: 4/1/2014

                Few families are any more entrenched and well known in the pallet industry than the Lucy family in Virginia. So, we were sad to hear that Emory Lucy, former owner of Brunswick Box Company, a well-known pallet manufacturer and owner of Z-Best, Inc., a trucking company, passed away recently.

                I remember when I first started working with the pallet industry in early 1977. I enjoyed meeting eleven Virginia based company owners in that April, including Emory Lucy of Brunswick Box. In those days Brunswick and Abell Lumber, both in the Lawrenceville area of Southern Virginia, were owned by brothers. The two companies were some of the early companies to mechanize their pallet production. Together they serviced many large government contracts. They were building 40,000 to 50,000 pallets a week when there were few companies in the country of their size.

                Since about 2000 John Clary, a long-time employee of Brunswick Box, managed the pallet company while Emory focused most of his attention on Z-Best and the trucking industry.

                Certainly one of the most interesting facets of the pallet industry has been its unique group of company owners and their management styles. Emory Lucy and his brother J.C. were two of the most memorable to me. Emory made decisions quickly and decisively. He was a bright man who was known for following through on his promises. He held strong beliefs. He served his community in a variety of ways including being chairman of the board for Brunswick County. And while he could be a tough business man he could be a very pleasant person to talk with. I always enjoyed the opportunities I had to interact with Emory and respected him for his strengths.

                Emory was preceded in death by his parents, John Cleveland Lucy and Murtis L. Lucy, two sisters Edith Plumber and Jane Rash and a brother J.C. Lucy Jr. He is survived by his wife of 56 years Virginia Waitt Pharr Lucy, and four children Heath Lucy Jr, Gay Clary, Mark Lucy, and Daven Lucy, who is carrying through with the family tradition of being in the pallet business.

                In lieu of flowers the family is asking for memorial contributions to be made to the Masonic Home of Virginia, P.O. Box 7866, Henrico, Virginia.

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