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EPA Issues Wood-Burning Stove Emission Standards
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By Staff
Date Posted: 4/1/2014

                The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued new regulation for wood-burning stoves in an effort to reduce particle pollution caused by smokestacks. New regulations push the boundaries of what is currently available on the market, and existing rules were written in 1988.

                The proposed rules do not apply to existing wood-burning stoves in homes, and the EPA would give manufacturers five years to meet standards that would reduce emission by about 80%. Also, the rules do not cover pellet stoves that burn compressed wood or biomass pellets, heaters fueled solely by oil, gas or coal.

                The Missouri House of Representatives is considering legislation that ban state environmental authorities from regulating residential wood heaters without permission. The EPA ban sets national standard, but it is up to states to decide whether or not to enforce them.

                Wood stove manufacturers suggest the standards could significantly drive up the cost of new models and burden rural residents.

                 For more information on the proposed standard changes, visit http://is.gd/dILZLx


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