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See top machinery and equipment in action. A video directory lists product demo videos of various machinery that are available online.

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/1/2014

The following is a collection of equipment and machinery videos from leading suppliers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is even better. These videos cover key technologies that you should consider as you optimize your operations. To access videos visit the online guide at www.palletenterprise.com/videoguide





Universal Machinery Sales


                The Run-A-Gade bandsaw system can increase board processing yield while being operated by one person. It has extra-duty blade guides, a large table that accommodates up to 60” pallets and comes standard with a two-stage conveyor system. Multiple machines can be connected for configurations that meet individual facilities' needs.



B-800 Band Resaw



                High feed speeds and thin kerf is the heart of this resaw. It utilizes a 2” band, the widest available without an expensive filing room. It has 40” wheels, a 40Hp saw motor, and 4” diameter chrome-hardened roller guides. Downtime with smaller bands breaking throughout the day can be eliminated.



Cross Cut Saws


Verticut P4 Full Automated Package Cross Cut System

L-M Equipment Co. Ltd


                This automated system can be controlled using a wireless remote control with no need for an operator to position the first cut. Multiple packages can be loaded and the Verticut programmed for cuts. L-M Equipment offers custom programs to tailor this machine to customers' unique requirements.



Precision Crosscut Systems



                These systems cut whole bunks of lumber to length in less than 60 seconds with an accuracy of +/-1mm and leave a planer finish. HOLTEC pioneered the concept of precise package cutting over 40 years ago. Due to the performance of our systems, over 8,000 systems are now operational worldwide.



Exacta-Cut Crosscut Unit Saw

Pacific Trail Manufacturing Inc.


                The Exacta-Cut bridges the gap between low-cost portable yard saws and larger, more expensive stationary saws. It delivers the tight tolerance and faster cuts needed to increase production with less labor. Among other features, the forklift friendly design keeps the saw bar out of harm’s way during loading and unloading.





M-42 Dismantling Blades

HUB Industrial Supply


                HUB Industrial Supply is the pallet recycler’s home for a wide variety of consumable items. We offer our own brand of saw blades and cutting wheels which are designed to meet the needs of the pallet industry. This video features the HUB Premium M-42 bandsaw blade.



WoodMaxx Blades

KASCO SharpTech


                WoodMaxx premium band saw blades are ideal for sawmills and other applications where band sawmill blades are used, including thin kerf saw mills, pallet mills, portable sawmills, horizontal resaws and vertical resaws. You can purchase these high performing blades at WoodMaxxBlades.com, or ask your distributor for KASCO WoodMaxx Blades.








                The Excalibur is the top of GBN's line in for wooden pallet production. It is capable of making a stringer pallet in eight seconds and can also run block pallets.



Turbo 505 Tandem Nailer

Viking Engineering


                The Turbo 505 can produce upwards of 1800 pallets/shift. It provides high output, low maintenance and quick changeovers with fast mechanical setup, while only requiring two to three operators. Powered by the Turbo Pro Plus Data software, operators can monitor real-time information to make better decisions that improve quality production.



Nailing and Sawmill Lines

Storit S.p.A.


                Storti S.p.A. has been producing woodworking machinery for more than 50 years - complete sawmill and nailing lines and robotized automation. Storti is known for its ability in engineering bespoke solutions for single personalized machines and for complex plants. It produces complete lines “from log to pallet.”



Mat Machines


Deck-Mat System

Pallet Chief


                The Pallet Chief Deck-Mat System builds deck mats for block pallets with a staggered nail pattern. Features includes a quick-adjust feature, deck board feeder, nailer, nail clincher and a deluxe stacking system. It runs off 110 volts electricity and compressed air, is user friendly and has low maintenance costs.



Matty Machine

J&J Machinery


                This video shows J&J Machinery's custom built Matty Machine. Constructed at the end of 2013, this machine was designed as a stand-alone unit or to be used in an assembly line when the need arises. It uses a similar operating system to former builds along with encoder measurement for accuracy and simplicity.



Grinders & Shredders

Beast XP-Series horizontal grinders/recyclers

Bandit Industries


                This video highlights the key features and capabilities of XP-Series Beast horizontal grinders/recyclers. Originally introduced in 1995 and rebranded XP-Series in 2013, the Beast is a popular horizontal grinder often used for turning valueless wood waste such as pallets into a value-added mulch product.



XR-Class “Destroyer” Wood Grinders

Cresswood Shredding Machinery


                Cresswood is launching extreme-duty, high-capacity XR-Class “Destroyer” Wood Grinders, size reduction technology designed and manufactured for continuous use in pallet, wood, and recycling operations processing substantial volumes of wood scrap down to uniform premium-value output.  XR-CLASS Grinders are supported by Cresswood’s quick-response service and parts programs.



Scragg Mills


Circular Tri-Scragg System

Baker Products


                Hour glass rollers carry material to a slasher saw. Cut-to-length material is transferred to a log infeed deck and the circular tri-scragg mill that processes logs into cants. The band double end trim cuts cants to length and two multi-head resaws cut pallet boards before they are dedusted and stacked.



Other Machinery & Systems


TS 300 Board Stacker

Pallet Machinery Group


                The TS 300 Board Stacker is designed for fast change overs and high production. The TS 300 can stack material lengths of 24” to 72” standard with an option for up to 96” at up to 300 (3.5”) boards per minute.



Automated Sort/Repair Lines

Pallet Repair Systems


                PRS designs, builds, and installs complete integrated systems to automate a variety of processes. From pallet inspection and sortation systems to repair or recycling, PRS can help provide the best possible solutions. PRS has trained professionals to evaluate customers' needs and design systems that maximize efficiency and productivity.



PalMate ERP

Automated Machine Systems, Inc.


                PalMate ERP is revolutionizing pallet manufacturing and recycling companies as well as timber processing and sawmill operations by dynamically integrating equipment, software, and people. Ultimately, this user-friendly system will bring relief to plant managers, accountability to production crews, and bottom line to owners.



Pallet Repair and Recycling Equipment

Smart Products


                Smart Products manufactures pallet repair and recycling equipment for the wooden pallet industry. Its dismantlers, trim saws, pallet prep machines, notching machines, turn tables, chain and belt conveyors, and related equipment have been purchased by manufacturers of new and recycled pallets located on six continents.



WM4000 Thin Kerf Headrig



                The WM4000 can be used as a primary, stand-alone headrig or integrated into a large operation. It features deluxe joystick controls, a 7.5” HMI touch-screen control panel, servo up/down drive, heavy duty bed, proportional forward/reverse and up/down control and a built-in conveyor.



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