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Pallet Enterprise Launches New Website
PalletEnterprise.com: If you are looking for answers in the pallet industry there is no better resource than the new PalletEnterprise.com website. New features include white papers, videos, Twitter updates, Video Guide, auction calendar, new product updates, article archive and more.

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2014

If you are looking for answers in the pallet industry there is no better resource than the new PalletEnterprise.com website. After more than two years of development, the information hub on the Internet for Pallet Enterprise magazine offers a number of new features and resources.


                Any online research you plan to do from industry information to suppliers and equipment solutions should start

at PalletEnterprise.com. The search mechanism on the website has been

improved and is now powered by Google technology to make searches even easier and more effective. Beyond the new Google search feature, you

can search via keyword category as well.

                In addition the website now includes white papers on key research topics. The first two cover the following topics: a guide to alternative material pallets and a guide on best tips and ideas from the pages of the Enterprise. More topics are planned to be launched later this year.

                The redesigned website also offers a video guide (www.palletenterprise.com/videoguide) and links to supplier videos of great equipment solutions as well as videos to information resources and public relations media you can use to educate customers on the benefits of wood. This area will expanded in the near future.

                Greater degrees of social media integration are involved in the website, such as the Twitter feed being embedded on the homepage, the ability to retweet or post articles on Facebook directly through the Enterprise website.

                If you want to research equipment or find the latest deals, the PalletEnterprise.com is the place to look. From the ability to do custom research on equipment or solutions using the search box tool to a list of the latest auctions, a list of leading suppliers, an online Buyers’ Guide, classifieds and much more.

                With a whole new look, you can find the latest key pieces of news and information displayed prominently in a picture window on the homepage. Also, the website offers content in HTML format as well as a digital magazine complete with pictures, links and more.   

                If you are not currently receiving the digital edition of the Pallet Enterprise, be sure to sign up for free. You can

sign up as many people from your company as you want. Go to www.palletenterprise.com and look for the sign up box on the right hand side of the homepage. Add your email address and click submit. It’s just that simple.

                Check out the new features today and let us know how you think we can make it even better.

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