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Environmentalists Start Website for Re-purposing Pallets, Shares Best Designs and Insights
1001pallets.com: Engineers start website offering designs for ways to repurpose pallets into everything from furniture to small buildings to artwork and more. See some of the best designs from this website.

By Chaille Brindley
Date Posted: 9/1/2014

                Pallets are not just for shipping items any more. Hobbyists and reclamation experts are turning pallets into everything from toys to furniture to small buildings to artwork. When people want ideas for how to best use old pallets, many are turning to a number of websites that cover the latest ideas for upcycling pallets into a higher purpose.

                One of the largest websites covering pallet designs is 1001pallets.com; it offers designs on everything from furniture to wall decorations to artwork and storage systems. The creative developers behind the website are Quentin and Dimitri, who are both engineers from France. They have a profound interest in recycling and reusing goods to reduce the impact on the planet as well as develop unique designs to improve the spaces people live in. These men recently answered some questions submitted by Pallet Enterprise. Also, our staff has selected some of the best designs we found on 1001pallets.com to share with you. Maybe you can get in on the upcycling movement.


Pallet Enterprise: What led you to start a website dedicated to re-purposing pallets into furniture and other household items?

1001pallets.com: We were part of a global green movement, since we were running another blog since 2009 with a broader focus called www.recyclart.org. We were featuring pallet ideas on Recyclart, and this section of the site was really appreciated by the readers. So we decided to open a new website dedicated only to pallets.


Pallet Enterprise: Why are old pallets such a trendy thing to use to design furniture and other items?

1001pallets.com: I think it’s because it’s universal, and also because it’s a raw material. Wherever people are, they have already seen a pallet in the street that gave them the idea of making something with it. And once people started looking on Internet for “repurposed pallets”, then it’s really like a Lego thing, especially for do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts.


Pallet Enterprise: Do people you interact with like one style or size of pallets over another? What about heat treated pallets?

1001pallets.com: Not really, we have made a page dedicated to pallet safety that had drawn a lot of interest from people, but DIY crafters know what they can do with each style of pallet. Euro pallets are appreciated since they are widespread, but big pallets also interest people who want to make sofas out of them.


Pallet Enterprise: What are the most popular designs on your website?

1001pallets.com: I think the most popular are either complex projects where readers see at first the unique design and good work involved or easy DIY projects like a pallet shelf. I remember projects like an entire pallet kitchen to a complete garden set that were really popular and made great buzz.


Pallet Enterprise: What is the most unusual design submission that you have seen using pallets?

1001pallets.com: I remember a bike entirely made out of a pallet, which is not an obvious reuse, such as a table or bed.


Pallet Enterprise: What do you recommend that most people do in terms of cleaning pallets and prepping them to become something else?

1001pallets.com: There are a lot of questions like “How do I dismantle a pallet?” So we provide our readers with common techniques for cleaning or prepping pallets for use. I personally recommend sanding and sanding again to avoid splinters. Also, I think sanding is a good idea because I love the sheen it gives to the wood.


Pallet Enterprise: Is your website just a hobby? Or is this a business of some sort?

1001pallets.com: For now, yes, it’s just a hobby, but if the community can keep on growing, we may one day want to start a real business with it!

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