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Supplier Spotlight: Country Saw & Knife Provides Experience and Exceptional Customer Service
Personalized customer service and decades of experience sets Country Saw & Knife apart as a supplier of precision saw products and services.

By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2014

                A focus on building relationships with its customers and decades of experience has made Country Saw & Knife a valuable partner for many in the wood products industry.

                Country Saw & Knife, located in Salem, Ohio, is a precision saw company that manufactures and services carbide circular saws, high-speed steel circular saws, industrial knives and bandsaws for all aspects of the cutting industry.

                “If a company or individual depends on a precision blade or saw to work right day in and day out, we are someone you need to know,” said Steve Mercer, bandsaw foreman.

                Country Saw provides weekly pickup and delivery in nine states as well as shipping options all over the country and world.

                “Many companies depend on our weekly routes,” said Mercer. “Our experienced sales people pick up blades to be serviced and returned the next week and deliver razor sharp precision blades to keep your production running with no downtime.”

                The one-on-one interaction provided by the regular routes is a crucial part of Country Saw’s customer service strategy. While on-site with customers, the salesmen will help troubleshoot many problems or modify specs on blades as a company’s needs or machinery change. Not only does Country Saw provide dependable service and turn-around time on saws, it also offers years of experience that has helped many customer get cutting and stay running.

                “When you call with an issue, you don’t just get anyone on the phone,” said Mercer. “You get owners with over 40 years experience each to help you troubleshoot, modify or customize your blades to fit your unique situation.”

                The staff at Country Saw has set up, ran and serviced gang saws, chop saws, end cut saws, notcher blades, planers and band saws for decades. The company also specializes in the pallet recycling industry’s two main areas with industry leading saw plate and top quality triple-chip carbide teeth for many years of dependable service life as well as the bi-metal and carbon pallet dismantling bandsaw blades so frequently used in the field. Country Saw not only keeps a close eye on new machinery, new specs and new technologies, but also on the old saws that many companies still depend on daily that need special care and proper hammer tensioning. Unlike many companies, Country Saw still has two hammer-smiths on staff. Tony Glista, one of the owners, is a certified hammersmith with nearly a half-century of experience and knowledge on how to make them run like new.

                “We build strong relationships with our customers,” said Mercer. “Most we’ve dealt with for years, we listen to get the quality feedback we need in regards to type of machine, process it is used for, production level, direction of feed, saw entry angle and blade speed to fit the right tools to do the job. There are a lot of different criteria to consider to select the proper hook angles, saw kerf and feed rates for each job and our decades of experience and attention to detail will increase production.”

                Country Saw learned long ago that building relationships with customers always pays off and have long focused on being diligent to detail, honesty, quality of work and personal investment in its customers.

                “To us, this is not only our career,” said Mercer. “It’s a way of life, a lifetime of helping others help themselves, our part in keeping this massive cutting industry alive and strong.”

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Country Saw & Knife