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New on the Market for April 2001 Pallet Enterprise
New on the Market for April 2001 Pallet Enterprise

By Staff Writer
Date Posted: 4/1/2001

Bronco Develops Automated System

Bronco Pallet Systems has developed a new automated pallet nailing system. The company’s Mustang 4000 Pallet Assembly Machine features a powered nailing gantry that moves from side to side. The Mustang 4000 gantry nails the pallet bottom on its first pass, hesitates while the operator turns the pallet and positions the top boards, and then nails the top as it returns to the original home position.

The power nailing tools are always firing when the gantry is in motion. The machine holds coils of 3,000 collated nails, which means less time is spent reloading nails. The Mustang 4000 is adjustable for different size pallets and skids, including wing pallets and pallets made of three or four stringers.

Finished pallets are stacked automatically when the operator activates a foot-controlled switch. A Rollout Modification and Accumulator Table reduces demand on the forklift operator and causes less interruptions to the operator of the pallet assembly machine.

The Mustang 4000, which comes with a full five year warranty, requires only 120 psi and 110 vac.

For more information, contact Bronco at 800-548-5462, fax (979) 244-1935, e-mail info@broncosys.com, or Web site at www.broncosys.com.


Brewer Introduces New Slab Edger

Brewer Inc. has introduced a new slab edger. It is designed and built for high speeding edging of slabs to a finished width from 3 ½ inches to 6 inches. Coupled with a band resaw system from Brewer, the company’s new slab edger can help a company increase yield and profitability.

For more information, contact Brewer at (800) 345-6516, fax (270) 754-5341.


Wood-Mizer Develops Thin-Kerf Headrig

Wood-Mizer has introduced a thin-kerf headrig for breaking down grade or pallet logs. The new LT300 is an alternative to small circle-saw mills and a step up from stationary versions of portable sawmills.

The Wood-Mizer LT300 can saw logs more than 19 feet long and up to 36 inches in diameter. It is equipped with a 30 hp electric motor that can cut up to 70 feet per minute of 12" wide red oak. Separate, high-horsepower AC drives for head movement up and down and back and forth allow maximum power to the blade. A separate 4 hp AC-powered hydraulic pump moves full-size logs easily.

A computer-controlled cutting system acts like ‘cruise control,’ maximizing productivity while reducing sawyer fatigue. Built-in setworks keeps lumber accurate and allows pattern-cutting options.

Exclusive Wood-Mizer ceramic block guides hold the blade steady in knotty material and are easy to adjust; the headrig is equipped with modern air-tensioning with gauge visible from operator station. The operator station, which uses two joysticks, is moveable to provide optimal viewing of cutting and log handling; cab is optional.

A unique board return system guides boards and even large cants straight off the mill. The Wood-Mizer LT300 is available with optional Patz in-feed and out-feed conveyors.

Wood-Mizer recently held an ‘open house’ event to demonstrate the new thin-kerf headrig. Material recovered from the headrig was routed via conveyor to Wood-Mizer’s twin-blade stationary edger to be edged into finished boards.

For more information, contact Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit the Web site at www.woodmizer.com


Delta Supplies Paint Concentrate

Delta Coatings Canada has developed a new paint for pallets in concentrate form. The paint concentrates are water-based; pallet companies need only add water and mix.

Since the Delta paint concentrates do not contain water, they are considerably cheaper than ready-to-use pallet paints because shipping costs are much lower. Ready-to-use paint may cost 10-12 cents per pallet, according to Delta, but paint mixed from concentrate costs only about 4-5 cents per pallet. One gallon of concentrate will make three gallons of paint.

For more information, contact Delta Coatings Canada at (800) 387-5703, fax (800) 519- 2131.


Morbark Unveils Mulch Coloring Unit

Morbark has introduced a new mulch coloring machine, the model 3000-P N-Viro Mulch Coloring Unit. The machine can produce consistently colored wood mulch at rates of 30 to 50 cubic yards per hour — depending on material — in a variety of popular pigments.

The self-contained system includes engine and hydraulics and is easily operated and maintained. The Morbark 3000-P N-Viro Mulch Coloring Unit features a heavy-duty hydraulic-operated tilt hopper with a 3.5-yard capacity. This allows convenient access to lower augers as well as easier maintenance and service. The hydraulic tilt function allows easy clean-out of the hopper by simply dumping material.

Other standard equipment includes adjustable water flow ball valve with water meter, adjustable color pump, Charlyn drive motor for auger drive with #100 chain, Greason V20 valve bank, and six replaceable colorant nozzles.

The Morbark 3000-P N-Viro Mulch Coloring Unit is easily towed by a three-quarter ton pick-up truck.

Contact Morbark for more information, at (800) 233-6065, e-mail inquire@morbark.com, or Web site at www.morbark.com.


Woodsman Introduces New Notcher

Woodsman indicates that its new Model 110 notcher can notch 600-700 stringers in an hour. It features an advanced design with mechanical material feed that can double production and reduce operator fatigue.

The Woodsman Model 100 notcher, which accepts stringers up to 60 inches long, is made of heavy-duty construction and is equipped with a 10 hp three-phase or singe-phase TEFC motor. It features a 21/2 inch stress-proof arbor.

Woodsman also supplies double notchers, end trimmers and cut-off saws. For more information, contact Woodsman, a division of Pequea Machine, at (717) 768-3197, fax (717) 768-8380, or e-mail pequea@ptd.net.

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