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New on the Market for May 2001
New on the Market for May 2001

By Staff Writer
Date Posted: 5/1/2001

ICE Offers New Saw Sharpener

International Carbide & Engineering Inc. (ICE) has begun manufacturing and marketing a new, economically-priced saw sharpening machine, the ICE 555-B Economy Saw Sharpener. It is designed to resharpen carbide-tipped saw blades ranging from 5 inches to 30 inches in diameter.

Pallet recyclers can extend saw blade life and reduce tip breakage by using sharper blades, which reduce saw strain, down time and electricity costs, said ICE president Bob Ponton.

The simplicity of the ICE 555-B Economy Saw Sharpener provides precision sharpening with only layman skills. The ICE 555-B Economy Saw Sharpener comes equipped with a 115 V, 1/3 hp motor, necessary tools for operation and maintenance, and a detailed user manual and instructional video. Additional training is available at the ICE manufacturing facility at no cost.

Optional accessories include Contact Coolant, various grinding wheels (diamond super-abrasive and conventional), saw-setting dial gauge, magnetic base angle gauge, light with magnetic base, and others.

For more information, contact ICE at (800) 424-3311, fax (804) 568-3421, e-mail ice-va@ice-va.com, or Web site at www.ice-va.com.


Tri-Phase Supplies Phase Converters

Tri-Phase Industries Inc. supplies phase converters to convert single-phase electric current to three-phase electric current.

The company offers both 220 volt and 440 volt units with wiring diagrams. Both static and rotary units are available with a full one-year warranty. Tri-Phase sells factory-direct and accepts credit cards or money order.

For more information, contact Tri-Phase at (800) 603-7636, Web site at www.rotomaster.com or e-mail at sales@rotomaster.com.


Up Country Offers New Board Deduster

Up Country Manufacturing has introduced a new board deduster that uses two steel brushes to clean the sides of the board.

The design is an improvement over machines that sweep dust forward and rely on a vacuum to remove the dust, according to Up Country. The Up Country board deduster, field tested for eight months, cleans so effectively that it does not need a vacuum.

The steel brushes are a low-cost, off-the-shelf item, the same type as used in street sweepers. The new board deduster is being offered at a special introductory price of $4,850.

For more information, contact Up Country Manufacturing at (800) 854-7439, fax (715) 793-1331, e-mail upctry@frontiernet.net, or Web site at www.gofastsaw.com/debuster.htm.


New Minick Machine Removes Any Board

Minick Enterprises has developed a new machine for pallet recyclers that can remove any damaged board from a pallet. The Minick Any Board Remover can remove lead boards or interior boards; it can remove a single board or multiple boards.

The Minick Any Board Remover may be incorporated into existing pallet repair line operations. It is available in three power options at no additional charge: 110V, 220V and three-phase electric. The Minick Any Board Remover comes fully assembled and ready to use. Work table and conveyor system are optional. Minick has machines in stock for immediate shipment and is offering them at an introductory price of $6,995 through June 30.

For a free video packet and brochure and additional price information, contact Minick at (888) 490-4300, fax (501) 490-1009, e-mail minickent@aristotle.net, or visit the Minick Enterprises Web site at www.minickenterprises.com.


Bronco Develops Pallet Washer

Bronco Pallet Systems has developed a new machine for washing pallets. The Bronco Hydro Clean 1500 can benefit both pallet recyclers and pallet users.

The Bronco Hydro Clean 1500 has a variable speed, reversible hydraulic drive and can clean two to 15 pallets per minute. Cleaning is accomplished with six high-speed swivels, each equipped with two high-pressure nozzles. The reservoir tank is about 100 gallons with a clean-out tray located in the back of the cabinet that comes with an easily accessible filter.

The Bronco Hydro Clean 1500 has a compact footprint for use in small areas and works well in conjunction with Bronco pallet dispensers and stackers. For more information, contact Bronco at (800) 548-5462, fax (979) 244-1935, e-mail info@broncosys.com, or Web site at www.broncosys.com.


Brewer Offers New Two-Sided Planer

Brewer Inc. has developed a new two-sided planer for dressing boards with wane on both sides.

The Brewer two-sided planer is designed for boards up to 1 inch thick and 5 ˝ inches wide, planing up to an inch from each side to reach a target width of 3 ˝ inches. It operates at a high rate of speed.

The machine benefits pallet companies and sawmills by recovering usable boards from what otherwise would be scrap material. The Brewer two-sided planer eliminates the strips left by a two-sided edger by converting the wood into shavings and eliminating them through a blower system.

For more information, contact Brewer at (800) 345-6516, fax (270) 754-5341.


Morbark Coloring Unit Gets Tilting Hopper

Morbark has added a heavy-duty tilt hopper to its Model 4000-P mulch coloring system. The new heavy-duty tilt hopper provides convenient access to lower augers and makes it easier to perform maintenance and service. The hydraulic tilt function also allows easy clean-out of the top hopper by simply dumping material.

The Morbark Model 4000-P is a portable mulch coloring unit that produces consistently colored wood waste in a wide variety of popular pigments at rates in excess of 200 cubic yards per hour. Added to existing grinding or screening operations, the coloring system will handle the output of most productive grinders, adding value to processed wood waste and increasing its marketability.

The Morbark Model 4000-P mulch coloring system is easy to set up and operate. It has simple controls for colorant, water and material flow for cost-effective production of colored mulch. Three feed augers, two mixing augers, and 18 replaceable colorant nozzles ensure complete, consistent coloring while maintaining high throughput. An anti-plugging feature prevents costly jamming of material while a folding discharge conveyor enhances portability.

For more information, contact Morbark at (800) 233-6065.


Saw Service & Supply Has New Trim Saw

Saw Service & Supply has introduced a new 10-inch trim saw for pallet recyclers. The machine was designed specifically for cutting reclaimed deck boards and stringers. It uses a 10-inch, 40T disposable blade for greater cost effectiveness.

The new Saw Service & Supply trim saw features a 5 hp drive motor and a 1/2-hp conveyor motor. It comes equipped with an overhead floating blade guard system.

For more information, contact Saw Service & Supply at (800) 735-5604.


Viking Initiates First-Time Buyer Program for Sentinel

Viking Engineering & Development Inc. has reintroduced the Sentinel pallet assembly system at a price of $58,000 for first-time buyers of Viking equipment.

The special program is designed to help new Viking customers since they do not have the option of trading in an older Viking model to help finance the purchase of a new system, said marketing manager Dave Handke. "The Sentinel first-time buyers program overcomes any trade-in issues," he said.

The Viking Sentinel is a flexible system in its production range. It can assemble pallets up to 60x60 using bulk nails and lumber that may not be suitable for other systems.

The introductory price for first-time buyers includes an automatic pallet stacker, installation and training, spare parts kit and one-year warranty.

A Viking Sentinel will enable pallet companies to automate assembly operations and to produce quality pallets of new or used lumber and also to trade up to a larger Viking system in the future.

For more information, contact Viking at (800) 328-2403 or e-mail at sales@vikingeng.com.


JC Saw & Equipment Offers New Band Mill

JC Saw & Equipment, which formerly sold the Enercraft sawmill, is now manufacturing its own design of portable sawmills, edgers and custom equipment.

The company has introduced the JC24GME (Ground Manual Eliminator), using heavier bearings, larger shafts and thicker steel to develop the heaviest band sawmill on the market, it said.

The JC24GME will process a 24-inch diameter log up to 16 feet, 6 inches long. It has a quick clamping system that can be moved to every bunk for shorter or longer logs and can use a 1 1/4-inch or 1 ˝-inch blade. The JC24GME comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee plus a one-year warranty on all defective parts and workmanship.

JC Saw & Equipment spent five months in research and development to bring the JC24GME to the marketplace in order to ensure customers they will get a well-tested, trouble-free mill.

For more information contact JC Saw & Equipment at 1-877-527-1100 or 573-322-8010, Web site www.jcsaw.com or e-mail jceq@semo.net.


Wood-Mizer Has New Setworks

Wood-Mizer has developed a new computerized setworks system for its line of portable band sawmills. The new system, called ACCUSET, constantly references the blade position from the sawmill bed, enabling the operator to cut patterns easily from the log.

With ACCUSET, mill operators no longer have to make complicated calculations in order to saw a stack of accurate boards and leave a cant of a specific size. For example, ACCUSET can make all the necessary calculations to saw the maximum number of 5/4 boards from a log and leave a 4-inch cant. Sawmill operators also may specify that all the boards be the same thickness, and ACCUSET avoids the need to make a trim-cut to clean up the last board.

ACCUSET, which is completely water-resistant, can operate in fractional inches, decimal inches, or metric settings. It has five language settings: English, Spanish, French, German and Polish.

For more information, contact Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit the Web site at www.woodmizer.com.


MSG Introduces Square Hub Pointer

MSG Industries Inc. has introduced a square hub pointer. The machine is fully automatic and can process 900 hubs per hour.

The MSG Industries hub pointer features one-man operation. It has a 4-foot hopper and automatic piece counter. Other features include an easy-view operator’s control panel and a dust collector port. The machine is fully enclosed.

MSG Industries has videos available of the new machine. For more information or a video, contact MSG Industries at (509) 624-7575, fax (509) 624-2783, or Web site at www.msgind.com.


TimberKing Mill Has Hydraulics

The new TimberKing 1600 portable sawmill offers easy portability, large capacity and important hydraulic features at an affordable price. "This is a mill for the sawyer who wants easier portability and log handling than a personal mill can offer, but isn’t quite ready for an industrial mill," said TimberKing president Will Johnson.

The 1600 retains key TimberKing features: four-post cutting head, and solid, one-piece, twin-beam, welded cutting deck.

The TimberKing 1600 will handle logs 16 feet long by 29 inches in diameter. It is powered by a 20 hp electric-start Kohler motor and comes standard with four fine-adjust outriggers. A complete highway transport package, hydraulic log loaders, hydraulic blade lift and hydraulic blade feed make the TimberKing 1600 highly automated.

New features include a new type of log clamp and self-attenuating load loaders. Other features include mechanical log stops and a remote electric clutch.

The TimberKing 1600 comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee and two-year limited warranty. It is being offered at an introductory price of $9,999.

For more information, call TimberKing at (800) 942-4406 or visit the Web site at www.timberking.com.


Spec Sheet Available On Morbark Chipper

Morbark now has literature available on its Model 20-36 Whole Tree Chipper. The spec sheet is complete with up-to-date photographs, a list of standard and optional equipment and equipment specifications.

The Morbark Model 20-36 Whole Tree Chipper is an affordable tree and brush chipper that fills the niche between whole tree and hand-fed chippers. It has an operator-friendly, all-weather cab, complete with four-way adjustable seat for visibility, and an optional heater-air conditioner to provide a comfortable work day.

For more information or a copy of the spec sheet, contact Morbark at (800) 362-9010 or visit the company’s Web site at www.morbark.com.


Fecon Offers Bull Hog® Excavator Attachments

Fecon has introduced five new Bull Hog® mulching attachment models for excavators. They are available for operation with 55 to 500 hydraulic horsepower to process both large and small diameter material.

The durable, versatile Bull Hog enables excavators to mulch standing or fallen trees, brush, shrubs and stumps up to 24 inches in diameter. It quickly grinds wood and vegetation. Applications include land clearing, right-of-way construction and maintenance, storm water drainage area maintenance, forestry, and reducing wildfire risk near urban areas.

The Bull Hog uses individual, fixed-position, carbide-tipped cutting tools that have a tool life of 300 to 500 hours. The tool design reduces service time and operating costs. Attachment models range from the BH40EXC, made for small excavators or larger, long-reaching machines working in remote areas, to the BH350EXC, the most powerful and productive model. All models are factory-equipped with hydraulic motors.

Fecon engineering support is available at no charge to pre-approve compatibility of a Bull Hog for the full range of excavator models and sizes. For more information, contact Fecon at (800) 528-3113, fax (513) 956-5701, e-mail fecon@fuse.net or Web site at www.fecon.com.

Balluff Prox Mounts Reduce Set-Up Costs

Balluff’s innovative Prox Mountsreduce set-up costs, eliminate readjustments and speed change-over time when replacing inductive proximity sensors. They also shield tubular proxes from potential damage.

They are now available with a protective Teflon coating that resists welding splatter. Used in conjunction with Balluff’s Teflon-coated prox sensors, the new ‘non-stick’ prox mounts extend quick-change benefits to welding applications where splatter build-up can be a problem.

Prox Mounts are suited for modular tooling and fixtures, providing quick and easy set-ups and sensor change-out without readjustment. For more information on Balluff’s products, call (800) 543-8390, fax (859) 727-7752, or visit the Web site at www.balluff.com.


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