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New on the Market for June 2001
New on the Market for June 2001

By Staff Writer
Date Posted: 6/1/2001

Brewer Twin-Select Cab Has New Controls
The Brewer Inc. Twin-Select cut-off saw is one of the most versatile and productive systems to cut cants or other material to size. It combines high production and low labor with select cutting capability.

The Brewer Twin-Select cut-off saw may be equipped with a temperature-controlled operatorís cab and operatorís chair with automated, finger-tip controls for maximum productivity and efficiency.

For more information, contact Brewer at (800) 345-6516, fax (270) 754-5341.

Baker Sharpener Is for Band Blades
The Baker Products Quik-Sharp is a new device to sharpen band saw blades. The design of the Baker Quik-Sharp allows blades to be sharpened without altering the original profile of the blade.

The biggest advantage of the Baker Quik-Sharp is for portable sawmills; the blade can stay on the sawmill while it is being sharpened. Quik-Sharp attaches to the blade while it is still on the mill and automatically advances the blade as it sharpens it.

The Baker Quik-Sharp may be attached to a table or workbench to sharpen saw blades quickly and accurately.

For more information, contact Baker Products at (573) 663-7711 or see the Web site at www.baker-online.com.

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