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Universal Machinery, Wood-Mizer, and Corali are featured in our news and activities section.

By Staff
Date Posted: 7/10/2017

Nail-Mate II Unveiled, Capable of Oversized Pallets

An upgraded version of the Nail-Mate automated nailing machine has just been developed by JSB Industrial Solutions, LLC for Universal Machinery Sales and its customers. The entire Nail-Mate II is designed for quick adjustment between various pallet designs. The machine comes with a 3-HP motor on the gantry. Other options include 480 volt, 240 volt 3-phase and 240 volt single-phase units. The basic machine design is set for 3-4 stringers, and it was developed to produce both standard and oversized pallets.

The Nail-Mate II features an open design for easy access to stringer and gun adjustment as well as quick adjust guns. It can build standard and winged pallets – standard pallets as large as 72" stringers and 60-inch wide deck boards, and winged pallets as large as 72" stringers and 50-inch wide deck boards with a 4-inch wing. The design is a smaller footprint size than Universal’s In-Line nailing system. Controls are on an independent stand for accommodating any configuration.

An optional stacker can be added later and is PLC-controlled. The basic stacker accommodates standard pallets as small as 40-inches wide and as wide as 60-inches wide. Winged pallets can also be stacked with the same stacker. It also has a sturdy roll out table and variable speed electric drive. Universal Machinery can design stackers for larger footprints.

Find out how the right automation can boost production compared to basic hand nailing. For more information, call Mona Tracy of Universal Machinery Sales at 855-298-8890 or visit www.universalmachinerysales.net.


Corali-USA/LIGNA Bus Tour Highlights European Machinery Innovation

As part of Corali’s 60th anniversary celebration, group executives led U.S. pallet manufacturers on ‘World Class’ customer plant visits throughout the Netherlands in a lead up to the 2017 Hannover, Germany LIGNA convention.

The U.S. group, led by Corali-USA, toured from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Hannover, Germany, visiting plants of one of the largest Dutch pallet manufacturers, PKF/Post Pallets. They watched Corali production lines in action detailing their fast changeover and versatility.

After the plant tours, the group continued with sight-seeing, and European cuisine on their way to LIGNA 2017, which reported a total of 93,000 visitors from more than 100 countries. For a complete review of LIGNA 2017, read the article on page 58.

Corali-USA wanted to thank participants in the tour including: Timber Creek Resource, Cole Pallet Services, Berry Pallets, Cottondale Wood Products and PKF/Post Pallets.

Corali, based in Bergamo, Italy, has been a premier manufacturer of wood pallet, wood box and wood cable drum equipment since 1957. Corali-USA is now bringing these highly flexible, complete production lines to the U.S. and Canadian pallet markets. For more information, call 513-588-3199 or visit www.corali-usa.com.


Wood-Mizer Introduces Pallet Hawg® Dismantler

A name synonymous with bandsaws for producing lumber has now entered the pallet repair sector by launching its first pallet dismantler. Wood-Mizer, a global manufacturer of wood processing equipment, recently introduced a pallet dismantling bandsaw to its diverse and growing product line. Wood-Mizer now owns and manufactures the popular Pallet Hawg® pallet dismantling machine that has earned a worldwide reputation for being extremely durable and reliable through a simple and innovative design.

Former Pallet Hawg product manager, Brad Kirkaldy, has joined Wood-Mizer and brings decades of experience to the company’s pallet recycling division.

 “Wood-Mizer is dedicated to providing the best-in-class equipment for a variety of timber and wood processing needs throughout the world,” said Kirkaldy, who now is the Wood-Mizer pallet recycling product manager. “The addition of the Pallet Hawg dismantler is yet another high-quality piece of Wood-Mizer equipment for the pallet industry that is backed by our established network of service and support.”

The Wood-Mizer Pallet Hawg PD200 pallet dismantler is designed for a full-range of pallet recycling including pallet prep, repair, dismantle and recovery. according to Wood-Mizer, due to the unique combination of high torque and low RPMs, the PD200 pallet dismantler has an expected blade life of 1,000 to 1,500 dismantled pallets per blade which is nearly double the blade life of competitive pallet dismantling saws.

Designed for one or two operators, the PD200 features a sturdy welded steel tube frame that firmly supports two pneumatic wheels. The bi-metal blade that cuts the nails to dismantle the pallet is powered by a 10HP electric motor with a gear reduction drive. A pneumatic table lift has preset heights to enable quick and convenient shifting between upper and lower cut points to easily remove stringer boards, blocks, and deck boards of a pallet.

Wood-Mizer’s Pallet Hawg features a 10HP electric motor with gear reduction drive (18HP gas engine optional), a 60" width capacity (up to 96" optional) and pneumatic adjustable table height with 5 ¼” travel. It also has a 2,200 fpm or 4,400 fpm blade speed, no-fail mechanical blade tension system, industrial 6-lug wheels with 27" diameter band wheel tires and a removable pass back bar that allows for one or two person operation.

The Wood-Mizer Pallet Hawg PD200 pallet dismantler is now available in North and South America, Africa, and Asia. For more information, contact Wood-Mizer pallet recycling product manager Brad Kirkaldy at 765-228-6775 and bkirkaldy@woodmizer.com or visit online at www.woodmizer.com/pallethawg.


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