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Supplier Spotlight: Rotochopper’s Gen 2 Colorizer Boosts Production and Saves Cost
Colorization Improvement: Manufacturers can boost production while maintaining color quality and controlling costs with Rotochopper’s Gen 2 colorizer.

By Lisa Monroe
Date Posted: 8/1/2017

Rotochopper has unveiled its next generation of colorizer – aptly named the Generation 2 Colorizer. Its unique two-sprayer system takes the company’s original patented grind and color solution to the next level of efficiency, allowing users to increase throughput without sacrificing on color quality.

Providing quality coverage on one pass, the new generation of colorizer is a great tool in assisting manufacturers of mulch and related products to control operating costs.

When added to your grinder, the Gen 2 boosts production capacity and also features a sophisticated level of monitoring and control capabilities, for more consistent color quality.

 “To maximize your margins in a premium mulch operation, you must not only optimize production rates and mulch quality on a day by day basis, but understand the numbers that drive your bottom line from year to year,” said Art de St. Aubin, Rotochopper’s president and CEO.

“Our Generation 2 colorizer allows mulch producers to track and fine tune the important numbers from the control panel, your loader cab, or your office. This system delivers a holistic view of your operation, and provides the insight you need to proactively grow your colored mulch business,” he said.

An employee-owned company based in Saint Martin, Minnesota, Rotochopper has the only patented grind and color system available on the market today.

Its original colorizer patent gives grinders the advantage of injecting colorant directly in the grinding chamber, using the force of the grinding process to evenly coat all much particles. The Gen 2 patent adds a secondary colorant atomization system directly behind the grinding chamber screen, which sprays colorant on mulch particles while they are spaced apart and traveling at high speed.

 “This produces very even coverage, as opposed to most sprayers that only hit the uppermost particles of mulch with colorant,” said Jami Bestgen, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “This two-sprayer system also allows for higher production rates without sacrificing on color integrity, even with darker shades like black and brown.”

With the Gen 2, the ratio of primary and secondary color application can be easily adjusted to match different feedstocks and mulch specifications.

The Generation 2 colorizer is available for select grinders this year, with broader availability in 2018.

Rotochopper specializes in solutions that transform waste materials into valuable end products like colored landscape mulch, animal bedding, compost and more. The company focuses on customer success by combining industry knowledge, the right equipment, and a high level of customer support.

To learn more about how Rotochopper’s 2nd generation grind and color technology can maximize the margins of your mulch operation, call 320-548-3586 or visit www.rotochopper.com.


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