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Best Load™ Releases New Versions with Packaging Optimization Analysis
Best Load Evolution: Unit load design software continues to evolve to allow for greater flexibility to determine just the right total packaging design from boxes to pallets to complete packaging systems and interfaces. See how this technology can position your company as a total packaging expert.

By Staff
Date Posted: 11/7/2017

Become more than just a pallet supplier to your customers. Using Best Load™, you can become their industrial and transport packaging expert. Software can make your pallets and transport packaging better by reducing damage and removing cost from the supply chain.

How do you know that you have the best design for your loads? Best Load™, a software product developed by packaging expert, Dr. Marshall (Mark) White, allows pallet companies to do their own analysis. You can become an extension of your customers’ packaging department.

White & Company LLC recently announced two new versions of its popular unit load design software Best Load. Version 3.4 permits complete package, unit load stacking pattern and flexibility analysis. The software will now optimize packaging fit to pallet footprint with any mixture of package orientation. This is combined with the ability to completely customize stacking patterns for desired results.

This new version of Best Load provides options to further optimize unit load design efficiency. The customization feature is performed with an easy-to-use “drag and drop” interface complete with packaging graphics. According to Dr. Marshall (Mark) White, president of White and Co., “We continually strive to develop software tools that supply chain operators teamed with pallet and packaging suppliers can use to improve supply chain operational efficiencies and sustainability performance.”

Also available to select Best Load™ users is Version 3.4 Enhanced. Select, only because a successful completion of a tutorial is required. This special version of 3.4 contains a 3D structural analysis tool to predict the precise location and level of concentrated compression stress on packaged product within the unit load, as a function of package stiffness, stacking pattern and pallet design. Armed with this information, package designers can now further reduce packaging cost and pallet suppliers can show package designers how pallet design can be used to reduce the stresses on the packaging and thus packaging cost.

 “I have been so fortunate to mentor graduate research at Virginia Tech for more than 40 years. This new development is based on the results of this research. My continued relationship with both Virginia Tech and White & Co. allows us to bring this new knowledge to the benefit of our software clients.” said White. This version will be available to all Best Load licensees, at no additional cost.

What’s next for Best Load? White & Co. is committed to make its software easier to use and integrate with other common design file types. “Our philosophy at White & Co is continual improvement. Soon our Best Load™ will be able to import COLLADA graphic files from many other CAD softwares. Our customers will be able to import primary (bottles, tubes, etc.), secondary (folding cartons), and tertiary (corrugated boxes) packaging, each with detailed color graphics. They will also be able to place CAD representations of engines, heavy equipment, etc. onto the pallets or skids with pallet structural analysis. We will never stop our product development,” commented White. 

White and Company LLC, Blacksburg, Virginia, is a packaging consulting and software company providing the most sophisticated pallet (Best Pallet™) and unit load (Best Load™) design software available in the market. Visit www.whiteandcompany.net to learn more about its products and services.

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