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Todd Conway, president of PalletMaxx, Inc., shares his insights on working in the pallet industry.

By Staff
Date Posted: 2/1/2018

Todd Conway is president of PalletMaxx, Inc. in Crestwood, Illinois, a pallet brokerage organization that services local, regional and national customers from five offices nationwide in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando and Seattle.

Pallet Enterprise: How do you think the pallet industry will change in the next 5-10 years?

Conway: Our future buyers are technology dependent, so the use of technology will continue to play a major role in reaching buyers. We must be able to reach our customers and prospects in the manner in which they want to be contacted. We’ve recently rolled out a customer portal to make it easier for our customers to get the information they need, quickly and accurately.

Pallet Enterprise: Have you recently started pursuing any new markets or product lines?

Conway: Not long ago, we started MaxxServices, a division of PalletMaxx.  MaxxServices allows us to offer solutions to our customers’ end of supply chain needs. This allows us to focus not only on customers that purchase pallets, but also those that require structured pallet buyback, sorting and repair programs.  

Pallet Enterprise: How do you decide whether to try a new idea at your company?

Conway: Will the idea allow us to better satisfy the customer? If our customers are asking for services that other pallet suppliers do not provide, or do not provide well, we will find a solution. We want to separate ourselves from our competitors and can make decisions, with no red tape, quickly.

Pallet Enterprise: How have customer expectations changed in recent years?


Conway: Many customers now handle pallet purchasing through a corporate purchasing manager rather than a local buyer. Today’s buyer needs to be able to document cost savings while not jeopardizing quality or service.

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