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Supplier Spotlight: HUB Supply Cabinet Curbs Inventory Costs
Prevent Supply Room Shrink: New cabinet keeps supplies secure and reduces costs.

By Stafff
Date Posted: 3/1/2018

HUB Industrial Supply is well known in the pallet industry for helping pallet manufacturers with their consumable supplies. In keeping with their mission of helping their clients get the most value from their supplies, the company now is offering a new product to make managing consumable industrial supplies easier and more secure.

HUB has been offering the Inventory IQ Supply Cabinet about eight months. It has a number of customers in the pallet industry; they have reported savings of more than 20 percent from improved management of supplies and reduced consumption.

Access to supplies in the HUB Inventory IQ Supply Cabinet is restricted by an electromagnetic lock, requiring users to authenticate their identity with their fingerprint, prox card, or numeric code.

When the cabinet door is opened, four video cameras record the transaction, and the video is uploaded to a secure cloud-based server that is accessible to managers. The cabinet is equipped with a barcode scanner, and a monitor inside the cabinet confirms transactions as they are made.

We have a pallet industry customer who logs on to our site every other day to get a live snapshot of what’s going on in his supply room,” said Samuel Lacey, National Accounts Manager for Florida-based HUB Industrial Supply. “Consumption has gone down on most consumable items, and they are able to track every item down to the nuts and bolts that leave the supply room.”

The cabinet reduces costs for several reasons, Sam explained. The locked cabinet with video recording capability deters theft. Also, employees are mindful that they are accountable for the supplies they take, so they exercise better judgment when it comes to using supplies. Finally, because inventory counts are always accurate, customers avoid ordering inventory when it is not needed.

Jason Andrews with Summerford Pallet Co. in Ashford, Alabama, said he was “very impressed” with the HUB Inventory IQ Supply Cabinet. His company has been using it for more than a month.

 “It has allowed us a way to efficiently monitor our inventory usage through the reporting functions in the system,” said Jason. “The minimum levels and maximum levels that the system has for each item in our system allow us to keep better control of our inventory to minimize downtime and costs.”

The HUB IQ Supply Cabinet can be used to store and distribute non-HUB supplies and to check in and check out shared equipment, such as rechargeable batteries.

A demonstration video is available at www.hubindustrial.com/iq.

HUB Industrial Supply provides a wide range of consumable products commonly used in industry, including saw blades and cutting tools, fasteners, abrasive products, safety products, janitorial supplies, and more.

For pricing or more information about the HUB IQ Supply Cabinet, contact Sam Lacey at HUB Industrial Supply at sam@hubindustrial.com or (800) 743-9401.

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