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Pallet Nail & Screw Buyers’ Guide
Nail & Screw Guide: Directory of leading suppliers serving the pallet sector. Discover which supplier may work best for your needs.

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/2/2018

The following is a directory of leading suppliers of pallet nails and screws in North America. Suppliers offer bulk and/or collated nails. Many also provide services for maintaining and repairing pneumatic nail tools. The guide is designed to help you identify suppliers and learn about various product lines. Information was provided by suppliers or taken from their websites.

Which nail or screw you choose is important because the fastener has a major impact on pallet performance. See more about this topic on the related article on page 28.


Crane Point Industrial LLC


Contact: Ian Carter

Phone: (503) 648-0336

Fax: (503) 648-0446

E-mail: ian@cranepointllc.com


Type of Nails Offered: Bulk pallet, collated screws, bulk screws, wire collated, plastic collated, paper tape collated, high load coil, heat treated, horse shoe nails, stainless steel, finish nails, pins, brads.


Sizes diameters:  Pallet nails in diameters from .083-inch to .148-inch. Finish nails in diameters from 23 ga to .168-inch. Lengths from 0.50-inch to 6.5-inch collated.

Sales Region: Nationwide


Product Description: Crane Point Industrial is a full-service supplier of fasteners, tools and service with warehouses in Baltimore, Houston, Long Beach and Portland. It has relationships with nail factories, tool manufacturers, and screw manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad. Member of the NWPCA Standards Committee for over 20 years.  Crane Point’s staff understands fastener needs of the pallet and container industry.


Direct Fasteners Inc.


Contact: Paul Masica

Phone: (612) 812-2044

E-mail: paul@directfastenersinc.com


Type of Nails Offered: Machine quality, extra stiff-stock bulk pallet nails. Collated nails, screws and staples.

Sizes: 1-¼ inches to 5 inches

Sales Region: Nationwide


Product Description: Direct Fasteners has more than three decades of experience serving the pallet industry. Delivering what you expect and require, Direct  provides a complete line of all sizes and types of fasteners to the pallet, crating and cable reel industries. Specializing in direct container shipments and also offers truckload and LTL deliveries. Also, supplies all sizes and specifications of pneumatic nail and staple tools along with replacement parts.


Garnett Company LLC


Contact: Diann Garnett

Phone: (417) 849-9270

Fax: (417) 257-7876

E-mail: diann@garnettcompany.com


Type of Nails Offered: Bright drive-screw bulk pallet nails.

Sizes: All common sizes.

Sales Region: Nationwide.


Product Description: Garnett Company has been a distributor of nails for the pallet and container industry for over 20 years. It started as a small “mom and pop” business with a service area within 100 miles of its warehouse, and it has grown to become a nationwide distributor serving some of the largest pallet manufacturing plants in the country. Garnett strives to provide only the highest quality nails at the lowest possible price and to work with each customer to ensure complete satisfaction through honest, dependable service and on-time deliveries.


Legacy Fasteners LLC


Contact: Marsha Libla

Phone: (573) 785-0521

Fax: (573) 712-2936                        

E-mail: marsha@legacyfasteners.com


Type of Nails Offered: Machine quality bulk pallet nails and wire coil pallet nails (small coil and large coil).

Sizes: Offers a wide range of sizes, shanks and points.                                   

Sales Region: Nationwide            


Product Description: Committed to providing truly “Made in U.S.A.” products and keeping the family tradition of offering high quality fasteners and excellent customer service. Supplying the best products available to customers so they can get the job done. Also distributes staples and pneumatic tools to support fastener program. Tool lending programs available in some areas.


Metropolitan Staple Corp.


Contact: Joe Fenton

Phone: (800) 255-7209

Fax: (973) 564-8853

E-mail: jfenton@metrostaple.com


Type of Nails Offered: A full range of coil nails and other collated nails from 1-inch to 5-inch in length. Hand coil nails and high load coil nails. Machine quality bulk nails. A full range of heavy duty staples.

Sales Region: Northeast, New England and Mid-Atlantic states.


Product Description: Since 1962, Metropolitan Staple has offered unique and innovative tools and nails. For example, the Tech 670SA.1, a coil nailer for 2-inch nails, weighs more than a pound less and has better driving power than comparable tools. Metropolitan Staple offers fully threaded screw nails, HPG™ High Performance Grip nails and superb nail quality. Its competitively priced nails simply run well in pallet operations. A fleet of on-site repair vans and highly experienced personnel provide best in class service. Metropolitan’s focus is maximizing productivity for customers.


Mid-Continent Steel & Wire


Contact: Tammy Jameson

Phone: (800) 867-6245

Fax: (573) 778-3211

E-mail: tjameson@mcswusa.com


Type of Nails Offered: Construction and industrial: wire coil, plastic strip, paper tape, hand drive, machine quality bulk pallet nails, wire coil pallet nails, staples, other associated fasteners

Sizes: Widest variety in the market, custom sizes available

Sales Region: North America


Product Description: 100% Made In USA with North American raw materials. One of the largest nail manufacturers in the world. Mid-Continent Steel & Wire (MCSW) provides the broadest range of fasteners that meet and exceed today’s stringent building codes and industry standards. MCSW strives to consistently create value for customers and end-users. MCSW differentiates itself by providing a superb customer experience, and by utilizing the most cost-effective processes and quality controls to meet and exceed customer expectations. With over 25 years manufacturing fasteners for the construction and industrial markets, “Mid-Continent” and “Magnum” are synonymous with quality. PDS FastenerSync™ license #1.


Simpson Strong-Tie


Phone: (800) 925-5099

E-mail: web@strongtie.com


Type of Nails Offered: Framing nails, exterior nails, Strong-Drive® specialty fasteners, collated nails, Strong-Drive Connector nails.

Sizes: Length range ½-inch to 7 inches; diameter range 0.049-inch to 0.238-inch.

Sales Region: Nationwide


Product Description: For more than 60 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has dedicated itself to creating products and technologies that help people build safer, stronger homes and structures as well as pallets and containers. Simpson Strong-Tie works closely with other professionals to provide code-listed, field-tested products and value-engineered solutions.  It offers a wide variety of high-quality collated fasteners. Use the Fastener Finder application on the company website to search for the right fastener using multiple criteria, such as application, type, length, color or model number.


Universal Fastener Outsourcing


Contact: Jim Boyd

Phone: (800) 352-0028

E-mail: JBoyd@911-nails.com


Type of Nails/Screws Offered: UFO Ballistic Nailscrews, UFO PneuScrews, and other collated and bulk fastener products as well as special pneumatic tools.

Sizes: UFO Ballistic Nailscrews for pallets and containers ranging from 2-¼ to 3-½ inches length and 0.113 to 0.131 inches diameter.

Sales Region: U.S. and Canada


Product Description: UFO Ballistic NailScrews® are screws that install with a pneumatic nailer but can be removed with a screwdriver. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, heads, and collations. Certain sizes tested by Virginia Tech for NWPCA and classified as multiple use. As an outsourcing company, UFO can coordinate special orders from its Arkansas headquarters, including creating, designing, customizing, manufacturing, importing, and delivering products. Sourcing products worldwide, UFO can deliver orders for five pallets out of stock to multiple containers per month.


Viking Engineering


Contact: Bryan Thornton

Phone: (763) 586-1210

E-mail: bryant@vikingeng.com or joanm@vikingeng.com


Type of Nails Offered: Bulk pallet nails and collated nails.

Sizes: 1-½-inch to 3-inch ring/screw shank, blunt and diamond point.

Sales Region: Nationwide.


Product Description: Made with the highest carbon content in the industry, the Viking nail is the trusted fastener of choice for Viking machine owners and high-volume producers. Viking fasteners are guaranteed to run trouble free through all Viking machines. Eight domestic warehouses allow us to supply customers coast to coast, and our single source production ensures the quality pallet producers associate with the Viking nail. A business partner committed to the success of the pallet industry. Viking’s motto is to “take your company to the next level.”


Viper Industrial Products LLC


Contact: Todd Mazur

Phone: (501) 679-6814

Fax: (877) 817-2091

E-mail: cs@viper-us.com


Type of Nails Offered: Coil, high load coil, machine quality bulk, staples, ballistic screw/nails, and specialty fasteners.

Sizes: All sizes, gauges, lengths, and shank configuration

Sales Region: Nationwide


Product Description: Viper Industrial Products is a pneumatic tool and fastener wholesale distributor that dedicates its products, services and resources to the wooden pallet industry. It offers a full line of high quality fasteners that will accommodate most automated pallet equipment. Viper has an experienced automation department that can meet the toughest challenges. Visit the company’s website for more information.


Additional Suppliers

Baldwin Industrial Supply

Contact: Douglas Baldwin

Phone: (559) 688-8821

E-Mail: dbaldwin1024@gmail.com


FASCO America


Phone: (800) 239-8665

E-mail: sales@fascoamerica.com


Linc Systems


Phone: (800) 513-9918

Parker Metal Corp.

Contact: Jodon Levy

Phone: (800) 225-9011




Phone: (847) 866-8787

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