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Suppliers to Exhibit, Demonstrate New Equipment at Expo Richmond
EXPO Richmond: Guide to the largest pallet machinery show in North America including a show map and information on exhibitors.

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/2/2018

More than 300 suppliers to the forest products industry are expected to exhibit their products and services at the East Coast Sawmill and Logging Equipment Exposition in Richmond, Virginia, May 18-19.

The biennial trade show, also known as the EXPO Richmond, is considered one of the top trade show events for the pallet industry. It is sponsored by the Virginia Forest Products Association.

The venue for the EXPO Richmond is the Richmond International Raceway complex and features both indoor and outdoor exhibit areas. Show hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 18 and 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 19.

The pre-registration period ended April 1. Visitors who register on-site must pay a $20 fee. Spouses and children under 18 are admitted free.

Virginia Tech will give a one-day seminar on May 17 titled, “Creating a Successful Small Forest Products Enterprise: A Review of the Fundamentals.” Segments on wood processing, business management, and sales and marketing principles will be taught by professors Brian Bond, Henry Quesada, and Robert Bush. The seminar will be taught at the Hilton Garden Inn in nearby Sandston from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Registration costs $100 and includes seminar materials and coffee breaks; lunch is on your own. For more information, visit the EXPO Richmond website.

EXPO Richmond will feature the largest exhibit and display in the eastern United States during 2018 of equipment and machinery for logging, sawmills and lumber remanufacturing, and pallet manufacturing and recycling. Suppliers will be exhibiting and demonstrating the latest technology for the forest products industry. Over the years, EXPO Richmond has developed a reputation as a strong pallet show with a lot of equipment that you can see up close and, in many cases, watch it run. If you are thinking about adding equipment to your pallet or sawmill facility, you owe it to yourself to attend this May.

For more information, visit www.exporichmond.com or call Jamie Coleman at RS Coleman Lumber Co. in Culpeper, Virginia, at (540) 854-4628.

As a service to advertisers and readers, Pallet Enterprise contacted advertisers who will have a presence at EXPO Richmond to ask if they will be exhibiting or marketing a new product or service, or if they will be offering live demonstrations of machinery or equipment. The following advertisers shared information.



Baker Products has been a pioneer ever since the company introduced the Baker Band Resaw thirty years ago at the 1988 Richmond Show. Baker will be showcasing three new machines this year at EXPO Richmond. A new rotary debarker, the LQ-72 band sawmill for cutting table top material from large diameter logs up to 72" and the new Mini-Mill system for cut stock production covered in the cover story on page 14.


Bandit Industries

Bandit Industries will exhibit machines from the Beast® horizontal grinder line and the Bandit Whole Tree Chipper lineup and will be conducting live demonstrations. Both machines offer industry-leading production levels with world-class factory support.

The versatile Beast horizontal grinders are known for producing high-quality mulch from a range of wood material; optional chipping drums also allow the Beast to produce screened chips for biomass fuel wood markets. The Beast is available as a towable, electric, or self-propelled track machine.

Bandit whole tree chippers can process tops, limbs and whole trees and are known for their production, fuel efficiency, and chip quality. They can fully pack trailers without the need for auxiliary chip throwers. Available with either disc or drum chipping technology.


Biolube Inc.

Biolube, a supplier of saw lubricants, has developed a product that dissolves sap and pitch from softwoods and prevents it from building up on saw blades and other cutting tools. The company’s Lubie 210 has been used successfully on softwoods such as spruce, pine, fir, and cedar, as well as hardwoods. When applied with the Biolube Lube Master spray system, the correct formula is accurately atomized. The high-performance saw lubrication system has been shown to increase blade and tool life and reduce downtime. Applications include band saws, circular saws, and cutting tools for moulders and finger jointing.


Brewco Inc.

Brewco, which specializes in thin-kerf horizontal resaw systems, will exhibit its latest design, which allows up to double the production with its dual-head resaw. Mills with circle head rigs can benefit with the Brewco B-1600 by gaining 17-22% more lumber yield out of each log and a substantial increase in uppers. Mills with band head rigs can benefit by increasing production and eliminating expensive lines on their head saws.


Bronco Pallet Systems

Bronco Pallet Systems will exhibit two new nailing systems, the model 3001 and model 3006. Both models are work stations with jigs to assemble pallets by hand with a pneumatic nailing tool and with an automatic stacker on the back. The new models feature a table or jig that is angled at 70 degrees, which makes it easier for the worker to reach longer pallets. In addition, the rollout on the model 3006 is simpler to operate and heavy-duty.


Cooper Machine

Cooper Machine will be marketing its new Flex Log Merchandising and Sorting System. This new system enables mills to maximize their operations by merchandising logs and pre-sorting them by length and/or diameter to increase mill throughput or for export logs. It is also an effective solution for companies that have one debarker feeding multiple mills.


Go Fast Manufacturing

Go Fast will exhibit its new 2NX Notcher. With almost unlimited capacity options, the Go Fast 2NX Notcher can notch lengths, widths, and heights that other machines cannot. It is designed to be a simple, heavy-duty machine. It can notch boards, including recycled material, cants, and even whole pallets with the cogged 3-strand chain infeed system. The 2NX comes standard with variable infeed speed that is adjustable from 0–45 FPM with the turn of a knob.


HUB Industrial Supply

HUB Industrial Supply, a supplier of consumable items specializing in the lumber and pallet industry, will demonstrate its Inventory IQ Supply Room. The IQ Supply Room enables secure dispensing of supplies and real-time inventory counts. Users can always know what supplies they have on hand and what items must be re-ordered, which HUB believes can significantly lower costs by reducing inventory consumption. A preview of the system is available at the company’s website, www.hubindustrial.com.


Innovative Data Systems Inc.

Innovative Data Systems will demonstrate its new tablet-based technology for collecting and analyzing information for pallet companies. The tablets can be used to clock in employees for time and attendance, taking a picture of each worker as they clock in. They also can be used for tracking information related to pallet production, load sortation, dismantling operations, and other tasks.


Iron Bull

Iron Bull self-dumping material handling hoppers enhance productivity and efficiency. For wood, metal and harness shops, machine shops, construction and agricultural applications. Used for handling parts in production, storing product and for scrap/waste collection.

Hoppers are strengthened by wrap-around welded lips on back corners, sides extended below hopper bottoms, full-length channel bases, and gussets welded into front corners.

Optional Dump From Seat™ latch rope allows operators to remain seated while releasing loads rather than leaving fork trucks to manually discharge them.

Iron Bull Mfg. will be exhibiting 20% scale working models of the company’s Self-Dumping Hoppers, Sawdust Hoppers, Slab Wood Hoppers, and Firewood Hoppers.



Kasco, which manufactures WoodMaxx, SuperMaxx and PalletMaxx blades for the resaw and portable sawmill industry, will exhibit samples of blade stock, including the newest SuperMaxx 7/40 blade profile for production sawing on high-speed mills. The profile is available in 1.5-inch x .050-inch, 1.5-inch x .055-inch and 2-inch x .055-inch.



Kiln-Direct will exhibit four products, including three new models. The company will showcase its first 100% stainless steel pallet kiln with performance upgrade. It also will exhibit a new industrial firewood kiln with about one day turnaround per load and an annual output of about 3,000 cords. Kiln-Direct also will exhibit the recently introduced 3-hoist dip tank specifically designed to dip cut stock for the pallet industry.


Machinery Installation Co.

Machinery Installation Co. Inc. will have a live demonstration of the MEBOR Model HTZ 1200 PLUS heavy-duty horizontal bandsaw. It will be sawing oak logs. The HTZ 1200 PLUS, which weighs 23,000 pounds, is a high-speed bandsaw powered by a 75 hp electric motor and equipped with computerized setworks. It runs a 6.3-inch blade and has the capacity to saw up to 48-inch diameter logs. It also can be utilized as a double-cut bandsaw. Return speeds of up to 280 FPM are standard.


Macoser Inc.

Macoser will display the Stromab WS-1, exclusively imported from Italy. The Stromab WS-1 is a high-speed, feed-through defecting saw equipped with a 500 mm blade. It can defect stock and cut boards to a predetermined length with an accuracy of +/- 0.8 mm. The saw operates at a feed rate of 120 meters per minute and makes up to 100 cuts per minute.


Pallet Machinery Group

Pallet Machinery Group (PMG) will be presenting running demonstrations of AIT M2L & TS300 board stackers, Storti Freedom pallet nailing line, Ultimizers Inc. board scanning solutions and West Plains Resaw Systems 500 Series grade resaw.  PMG will also be featuring Best Pallet™ design software, mold prevention products and other solutions to take our customers’ business to the next level. Check out all of these live demonstrations in the Old Dominion Building.



PRS Group will promote its pallet inspection, sortation, repair and recycling systems. Also, at the PRS booth will be representatives from CAPE to talk about its high-speed pallet nailing lines and robotic solutions. PRS Group and CAPE together represent one of the world’s largest international partnerships. The combination of these product lines offers advanced technologies for sawmill, pallet, recycling and other forest products industries. The company will not offer live demonstrations of its systems, but several video displays will highlight the latest innovations.


Rayco Industries

Rayco, which manufactures pallet nailing machines, will offer live demonstrations of two models, the Pallet Pro and Edge machines. Both models use pneumatic nailing tools and collated fasteners to assemble pallets. These machines are known for their easy operation and maintenance.


Saw Service & Supply

Saw Service & Supply will exhibit a 10-inch trim saw designed exclusively for re-sizing deck boards and stringers. Running cost-effective 10-inch blades, the trim saw can make 27 cuts per minute, 1,620 per hour. An adapter allows cutting two lengths at one time. The trim saw is powered by a 5 hp drive motor and a ½ hp chain drive motor. The machine takes a 47x59 footprint and is 37 inches high.


Smart Products

Since the last EXPO in 2016, Smart Products has further enhanced the productivity and blade life of its whole line of pallet dismantling and repair equipment. These re-engineered designs in components and the application of select technologies have allowed customers to improve per hour production results as well as much improved blade life as evidenced by increased pallets dismantled per blade.  Incorporating these re-designed pallet dismantlers into the many offerings of lumber recovery systems that Smart Products develops and manufactures has also allowed customers to decrease material handling time from the tear-down process to the “cut-to-length” trim saw operation – resulting in improved operating efficiencies for the lumber recovery process. 


Universal Machinery Sales

Universal Machinery Sales will exhibit three new machines.

The Hopper Feed Double-End Trim Saw allows the operator to stack the material in the hopper, and it feeds automatically onto the chain infeed to allow both ends to be cut to length, 20 inches to 60 inches.

The Little Champ Edger is a simple machine that provides fast, accurate edging. With variable speed up to  100 FPM, it can edge boards 2-¼ inches thick and 3-½ inches to 16-inches wide in 1/8-inch increments. It will pass 30-inch wide flitches.

The Nail Mate II is an extension of the Nail Mate for nailing any size pallet. The basic size can assemble pallets with up to 72-inch stringers and 60-inch deck boards. Optional stacker and roll outfeed make it a complete pallet nailing system.


Viking Engineering

Viking Engineering will demonstrate its improved Express 403 automated pallet assembly system. It is now available with a side stringer loader. The company also will offer a “sneak peak” of a new pallet assembly system that is capable of robotic material handling



Wood-Mizer will exhibit the Pallet Hawg® pallet dismantling bandsaw and debut two new horizontal band resaws with the HR250 and HR850 models. Designed for a full-range of pallet recycling including prep, repair, dismantle, and recover, the Pallet Hawg® is a one or two-operator dismantler with an expected blade life of up to 1,500 dismantled pallets.

With the ability to handle material up to 12” wide x 10” high, the HR250 twin horizontal resaw can make one or two cuts in a single pass to resaw cants and boards as thin as ½” within a single compact saw head. The HR850 single head horizontal resaw can break down material up to 16” wide by 10” high with a variable feed speed of 10 - 82 FPM on a motor-driven conveyor.  Both horizontal resaws include hydraulic blade tension control and accurate, motor-driven saw wheel positioning.

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