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Glenn Meeks, the Director of Operations for Bettaway Pallet Systems, shares his insights on working in the pallet industry.

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/3/2018

Glenn Meeks is the director of operations for Bettaway Pallet Systems, a pioneer in national pallet management programs. Bettaway is headquartered in South Plainfield, New Jersey.


Pallet Enterprise: How do you think the pallet industry will change in the next 5-10 years?

Meeks: I think supply chain technologies will be a much more prominent feature that operate down to the level of the pallet. This includes block chain, tracking, and more available insights into data with AI (artificial intelligence) technologies among others.

Pallet Enterprise: How do you decide whether or not to try a new idea in your company?

Meeks: My teams meet regularly and we utilize that time to discuss markets, vendors, forecasts, and ideas that may help us improve our operations in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Many times this can include new software products to try or mapping and implementing new processes.

Pallet Enterprise: How do you go about your work day and stay productive and on target?

Meeks: This can be tough! I am working with my teams to help them become more independent in their thinking and have the ability to make decisions and not just process transactions. My teams are my eyes on the street, and it helps when they understand the metrics and data they are getting back from customers and vendors and can make an informed decision.

Pallet Enterprise: How do you encourage or inspire your workers?

Meeks: I am very big on employee engagement and development. I meet with members of my team in one-on-one meetings to discuss professional goals and help to develop them. I offer the opportunity to use online learning to increase their skill set whether that may be learning new tricks in Excel or learning how to communicate more professionally through email and phone. There are a wealth of resources available and these resources can help keep employees engaged and make them more valuable to the organization.

Pallet Enterprise: In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge in the industry right now?

Meeks: Hands down, the lumber market is moving wildly and this is causing some continuous headaches with customers and pricing. I’ve found that being transparent and educating customers works best when discussing how the market is affecting costs.

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