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Activities in the News: Pallet Business Workshop Scheduled for Denver in September
Do you want to improve your workplace culture and fix your labor headaches?

By Staff
Date Posted: 8/1/2018

Do you want to improve your workplace culture and fix your labor headaches? Consider attending the Kingdom Business Workshop in Denver Colorado on September 26-27th. The event is being put on by James Ruder and L&R Pallet with the theme “Love Works.” While the event will cover Biblical principles to run a better business, it is open to any and all executives and managers in the pallet industry, not just those who have a strong Christian faith.

The keynote speaker and facilitator this year is a heavy hitter from corporate America. Joel Manby, the former CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Herschend Family Entertainment and Saab Automobile USA, will serve as the primary speaker and facilitator. He was featured on the hit TV show CBS’ Undercover Boss and has written the book Love Works – Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leadership.

Manby will speak on how a new way of thinking about business can transform your company culture, grow the bottom line and retain your employees. The meeting will include a plant tour of L&R Pallet in Denver, a leading pallet recycler in the West.

The Kingdom Business Workshop is sponsored by L&R Pallet, the Pallet Enterprise magazine and the Under1Roof Foundation. Register today before the rates go up.

Love Works is a book and educational series dedicated to transforming corporate culture through Biblical principles. Manby will be leading a workshop to help you process through ways to improve your culture and stop the loss of good workers.

For the last few years, James Ruder of L&R Pallet has been experimenting with ways to boost employee morale and keep good people, and he has been opening his process to others in the industry through small workshops. This year, Ruder has opened this gathering to anyone who wants to come. He said, “This meeting is not just for Christian business leaders in the pallet industry. It is for anyone who wants to improve their culture, retain more employees and grow their business. It just so happens that we use Biblical principles to guide our strategies.”

Registration costs $50 to cover expenses. This will be the best $50 you spend all year. Having attended other workshops, Paul Gaines of Madison County Wood Products, commented, “Visiting L & R pallet in 2016 completely changed the way we run our day to day operations. It also changed my life. We have started focusing more on our people, and we are getting results by doing so. Happy people are great employees!”

Do something different this year to improve your company’s future. Register for the Kingdom Business Workshop and see how a new way of looking at your workforce can improve your operations and bottom line.

Register today by visiting https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lr-pallets-kingdom-business-workshop-be-bold-for-change-love-works-tickets-46027246734

The recommended hotel for the event is Hyatt Place Denver/Cherry Creek, 4150 East Mississippi Avenue Glendale, Colorado 80246. Corporate discount available upon booking 303-782-9300 or code IPRG when booking online.

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