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Pallet Website Best Practices
Website Redesign: Increasingly, your website is critical to drive success, serve customers and build your market share. Learn from these other pallet companies that are doing something right when it comes to promotion, marketing and website design.

By Chaille Brindley
Date Posted: 12/3/2018

If you haven’t updated your website in six months, it may be a bit stale. More than just a brochure for you company, websites can provide a lot of connections and services to customers. A new website may be the best way to drive sales and promote your brand, especially if you tie it in with a social media strategy.

The following is a review of some best practices from around the industry in terms of website design, functionality and customer service. Take a look at what these leading companies are doing to see how you can improve your website and boost sales.



Pallet network that serves major retailers and other national customers, its website offers case studies and content focused on audit accuracy and accountability. The focus of its message is trust and accurate pallet counts.



PalletOne CEO Blog

Given the company’s large size and number of employees, it makes sense that PalletOne has a special blog focused on its workforce. PalletOne’s CEO, Howe Wallace, shares tips, ideas, motivational messages and more to help boost the culture and share vision. You might even learn a good leadership tip by subscribing yourself.



Pallet Consultants

Offers a blog including a subscription option so that companies can learn more about pallet basics, company services and more. The homepage includes information on the company’s sustainability record as well as video on pallet grades. The interface is clean, and the message is customer focused. https://www.palletconsultants.com/


Avid Pallet –Environmental Calculator

Track environmental savings and calculate the benefit by using a simple calculator on the Avid website. This is a great way to share the sustainability message of wood packaging. What’s your green score?



Challenger Pallet Staff/Team Bios

Customers don’t buy pallets from companies. They buy pallets from people. Putting a human face on your company is a great way to start conversations and relationships. You don’t want your customer to wonder who they need to call for help. Consider having detailed staff bios for key personnel. Challenger Pallet has done a good job with this on its website.



Larson Packaging –Videos Galore

Larson Packaging has a ton of videos on a variety of topics. Get inspired by watching some of these videos designed to answer customer questions and drive sales. Videos feature the company’s president, Mark Hoffman.



Sierra Pallet –Advantages Explained

Nevada-based pallet company uses graphics to explains its key selling points.



epallet – Chat Feature

Sometimes customers want a question answered, but they don’t want to call. That’s where a convenient chat feature can answer a direct question and let the potential customer know that you are responsive to their questions. The live chat feature on the epallet website connects a visitor with a live agent. When the office is closed, it can send as an email for reply later.



48forty Solutions

One of the nation’s largest recyclers offers good content on its website aimed at explaining pallet basics to customers. The simple and yet attractive design helps 48forty tell its story and attract eyeballs. Content is designed to address typical issues that potential customers face. Its content is one of the best our staff has found on the web.




Berry Pallet – Post Pallet Enterprise Content

One of the best ways to promote your business is by posting or linking to Pallet Enterprise content about your company on your website. You can always link directly to content on our website. Or you can pay a small fee to post articles about your company directly on your website or use in other promotion. E-mail chailleb@gmail.com for more information. Berry Pallets does a good job showcasing a cover story on the company. 



Specialty Pallet

The website uses large pictures and clean design to present an artisan feel to the company’s image. See how this simple design idea might work great for a small pallet company.



Millwood–Why We Are Different….

One of the biggest players in the country focuses on its key advantages. The website explains the company’s size, research and design expertise with its own testing lab and much more. How does your website differentiate you from the competition?



Sustainability–SFI Certification

Commercial Lumber & Pallet has worked to source material from sustainable sources. The company touts this approach on its website. What is your green message on your website? Customers want to know that they are buying from responsible suppliers.



Oakland Pallet – Online Ordering

Consider developing smartphone applications or interfaces on your website so that customers can place orders 24/7. Oakland Pallet offers this feature on its app as well as website. The online form integrates with the Palmate software. The website also offers a feature where you can build and design a pallet to your specifications.




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