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L-M Equipment Co. Ltd. Offers New Saw
New Package Saw More Automated

By Staff
Date Posted: 10/1/2001

Canadian-based L-M Equipment Co. Ltd. has developed a new, more automated package saw. New features streamline operations with the saw and reduce material handling.

The company’s package cut-off system is now available with an in-line double-end bumper. This new feature reduces handling with a forklift. After a bundle is loaded onto the system, it does not have to be touched with a forklift again until it has been cut and is ready to be removed.

Additional options are available, such as infeed and outfeed chain transfers, strappers, automatic plc controls, depth-programmable cutting, automatic touch screen programmable cutting, and side squeeze.

The infeed chain transfer allows three 20-foot packages to be staged for cutting. A forklift driver can be retrieving more bundles while the system operator makes the cuts, and finished bundles may be stored temporarily on the outfeed.

For more information, contact L-M Equipment Co. Ltd in Canada at (800) 455-8807, fax (604) 431-7711, e-mail sales@lmsaws.com, or visit the Web site at www.lmsaws.com.

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