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Trace Introduces Corner Rounder
Trace Equipment begins marketing in-line corner rounder machine.

By Staff
Date Posted: 11/16/2001

Trace Equipment Corp. has begun marketing an in-line corner rounder machine. It is designed to accept pallets or other wood frames in a production line and to automatically round off all four corners at the same time before moving the pallet to the next stage. Cycle time is six pallets per minute, according to Trace Equipment.

The machine fits in-line following most nailing machines. An infeed conveyor controls the flow of pallets, and the machine can be set up to let pallets pass through if corner rounding is not required. The equipment has an automatic shut-off in the event of a jammed pallet.

Crank adjustments can be set for a wide range of pallets; the machine will take pallets from 28x28 to 60x60 and from 3 inches to 7 inches high.

Rounding is accomplished using 10-inch diameter steel hardened cutters with carbide inserts manufactured with radius to customer specifications. Chip collection is via 4-inch diameter duct to an 8-inch outlet pipe.

Arbor motors are 7 hp and feed motors are hp. The corner rounder requires 120 psi air pressure.

For more information, contact Trace Equipment at (877) 778-7223 or fax (812) 299-0566.

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