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Current River Offers 2 StackMaster Models

By Staff
Date Posted: 11/16/2001

The Current River Mfg. Inc. StackMaster can stack 3,600 boards per hour, and the model 2 for high-speed production can stack 6,800 boards per hour. It will stack boards 36 inches to 60 inches long and from 3/8-inch to 4 inches thick and will stack from resaw, deduster, rang rip, end trim, conveyor and double notcher.

The StackMaster automatically installs cross-out boards from the boards it is stacking. It has auto setworks for different lengths of lumber. Multiple stacking methods come pre-programmed.

When a stack is finished, the StackMaster automatically loads an empty pallet from a stack of waiting pallets. It unloads finished stacks to an outfeed conveyor that holds two 60-inch stacks and provides continuous stacking while off-loading. Flashing lights alert workers when a stack is finished and can be off-loaded.

Pallet banding also is available, and Current River will custom-build a StackMaster. The company offers a one year warranty on parts and labor.

For more information, contact Current River at (573) 323-4541 or visit the Web site at www.stackmaster.net.

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