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Software Makes Pallet Drawings
Click-Draw makes scale drawings based on pallet dimensions, component sizes.

By Staff
Date Posted: 4/1/2002

Innovative Data Systems Inc., designers of the Pallet Track® barcode-based tracking system, has developed another innovative computer software product for the pallet industry. The company’s new Click-Draw™, which will be exhibited at Expo Richmond, makes drawings of pallets and skids based on dimensions and component sizes.

The drawings are made to scale in three views, top, front and side. They have a unique number and may be printed and provided to customers as a marketing aid and to avoid confusion over pallet specs.

In addition, Click-Draw stores information about material costs and quoted prices, and it automatically calculates cut lists.

Click-Draw is easy to operate. The user enters in the dimensions of boards, stringers or other components, and simply clicks on the ‘draw’ button; the pallet is drawn automatically. The program also will add additional features, such as four-way notched stringers, clipped corners, strap notches, chamfers and wings – even nails.

For more information, contact Innovative Data Systems at (631) 244-0069 or visit the Web site www.pallettrack.com.

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