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Becker Underwood Adds Color Monitor
Simple Touch color monitor added to Second Harvester mulch coloring system

By Staff
Date Posted: 4/1/2002

Becker Underwood Inc., a leading manufacturer of mulch and aggregate colorants and coloring equipment, announces the addition of its Simple Touch Color Monitor on its Second Harvester line of mulch coloring systems.

The Simple Touch Color Monitor is a value-added feature that provides operators with improved control over the coloring process by enabling them to observe and monitor the level of colorant present in the container. If colorant levels become too low, the system automatically shuts down. The easy-to-use, operator-friendly monitor allows operators to accurately analyze colorant usage rates and more effectively manage their Second Harvester Systems.

Becker Underwood developed and tested the monitor -- as it does other product advancements -- at its Ames, Iowa mulch and aggregate demonstration yard.

For more information, contact Becker Underwood at (800) 232-5907 or visit the Web site at www.mulchmagic.com.

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