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Amerimulch Unveils Portable Tote Mixers
Mixers Extend Shelf Life of Mulch Colorant

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/3/2002

Amerimulch, a leading producer of colorants for the colored mulch industry, has introduced portable tote mixers.

The new portable tote mixers provide good value for mulch producers because they allow them to use all the colorant purchased in large-capacity container totes, said Tim Carmichael, Amerimulch equipment coordinator. The mixers also extend the shelf life of the product indefinitely if used regularly, he said.

The Amerimulch portable tote mixers are of simple design but are made with a quality motor, shaft and blades. List price is $899.

The Amerimulch portable tote mixers compliment the company’s mulch coloring equipment, including the Ameriscreen screen deck and the three Amerimulch color mills, the Mini-Mite, the Middie-Mite, and the Mega-Mite.

For more information, contact Amerimulch at (888) 556-3304, fax (216) 901-9116, e-mail mulchguy@amerimulch.com, or visit the Web site at www.amerimulch.com.

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