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Trace Nailing Station for Over-Size Pallets
Trace Supplies Economical Jigs

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/5/2002

Trace Equipment Co. supplies an economical set-up to facilitate manual assembly of over-size pallets.

The nailing station can be used to assemble pallets up to 60 inches wide and virtually any length. It can be used with either new or recycled lumber and is easily changed over for different pallet sizes. The nailing station, made of sturdy steel construction, has a unique swivel system so the pallet may be turned over quickly and easily to finish the assembly process. A grapple, which may be operated manually or attached to a shop hoist system, is an option.

For more information, contact Trace Equipment Co. at (877) 778-7223, fax (812) 299-0566, or e-mail trace6075@aol.com.

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