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Stanley-Bostitch Has New Pallet Nail
Design features screw shank.

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/28/2002

Stanley-Bostitch has developed a new collated nail for the pallet industry. The patented design features a screw shank with 100% of the deep screw shank in the active plane area.

The new Stanley-Bostitch nail, named the Pallet Plus™, features a 21% larger head, 15% more anti-withdrawal capacity, and 19% more anti-pull-through capacity.

The Pallet Plus has a royal purple coating and is available in precision point blunt diamond or blunt chisel and also features no voids for collation wire.

The Pallet Plus is available in four sizes: 1 3/4-inch, 2 -inch, 2 1/4-inch, and 2 ˝-inch.

For more information, contact Stanley-Bostitch at (800) 832-3080, fax (800) 782-6975.

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