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Cornell Circular Line Bar Resaws, Reclaims
Multi-saw, double-arbor system offers high-yield board reclaiming.

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/28/2002

The new Cornell Circular Line Bar (CLB) resaw and reclaimer is a multi-saw, double-arbor system that offers high-yield board reclaiming.

The Cornell CLB can perform three different functions. With the equalizer attachment, it automatically self-center-splits edged boards or cants up to 8 inches cross-section using one to three saws. It also resaws single boards starting at 3/8-inch thick and up from cants up to 8x8 in cross-section with a maximum of three blades per arbor. The Cornell CLB also reclaims from one to three boards per pass from edged heavy slabs like those typically produced on scragg mills.

The Cornell CLB features air-operated seven-position setworks that allows pre-set selection of board thickness from 3/8-inch to 4 inches. The double arbors use 12-inch or 14-inch strobe saw blades for high production, thin kerf and smooth lumber surfaces; they are powered by two heavy-duty 40 hp, three-phase TEFC motors with V-belt drives.

The optional sizer head uses indexable inserts and is 8 inches in diameter and 4 inches wide. Height is adjusted by push button electric control. The sizer is powered by a 50 hp 3 PH TEFC motor with V-belt drive.

For more information, contact Cornell Industrial Corp. at (570) 869-1227, fax (570) 869-2198, e-mail sales@cornellindustrial.com or visit the Web site at www.cornellindustrial.com.

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