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Sawdust Blower New from Suffolk Machinery
18-inch Timberwolf sawdust blower

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/28/2002

Suffolk Machinery Corp. if offering a new, heavy-duty sawdust blower. The 18-inch Timberwolf sawdust blower has a compact design that makes it applicable for edgers, resaws, band mills, trimmers, slab saws and other woodworking equipment.

The Suffolk Timberwolf sawdust blower exhausts in any of four positions, making it easily adapted to various applications. It may be used with a flexible hose to vacuum a work site.

The Suffolk Timberwolf sawdust blower has a low horsepower requirement, making it economical to operate.

Made of heavy-duty construction, the Timberwolf has heavy-duty bearings and a 12-inch diameter fan with four 1/4-inch-thick blades reinforced with double spokes.

For more information, contact Suffolk Machinery Corp. at (800) 234-7297.

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